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  1. FakeBakeLover99

    OPI foot file - disposable strips

    Hey guys I’ve just had a look at OPIs website which now sell foot files with a one use grit strip that you bin after each client . They are quite a lot for just one [emoji33]! Does anyone know anywhere I can buy a multi pack instead of just one ? Thanks xxxx
  2. FakeBakeLover99

    What happened to OPI SwissGuard?

    Hey ladies I use OPI Gelcolor in my salon and I went to go order swissguard and it’s no longer on the website [emoji33]. Does anyone know what’s happened to it? I used to use it for sanitising hands and also cuticles as I was trained to do this, but now I don’t know what to replace it with ...
  3. FakeBakeLover99

    How long before I need a new OPI LED lamp?

    Hey fellow Opi Gelcolor users! I always see people who toys CND need to change their bulbs every so often for the lamp but I know you can't change bulbs for LED so I was wondering how long the opi lamp will last before I need to change it and how the heck do I Tell if it's not as effective ...
  4. FakeBakeLover99

    Ridiculous appointment or messages

    ! So I've had my first experience of a crazy customer today . I had a gentleman message me asking "how much is a polish, please reply " so I asked him if he means the treatment or to buy one and he says to buy one. I don't retail them which I explained and he continues to say, "how much is the...
  5. FakeBakeLover99

    Wax causing my wrist contact dermatitis

    Hey ladies I've recently started getting itchy rash on my wrists like I get on my hands sometimes with contact dermatitis and I've realised it's me testing the temperature of the wax on my wrists causing it [emoji27]. I only realised cause it was only the one wrist until I tested it on my other...
  6. FakeBakeLover99

    Pod/shed in my garden to work from

    How frustrating I just phoned my council to ask if I needed planning permission to have a shed/ pod in my garden to do treatments from and apparently I do. This is going to be a fun road. Did anyone else that has one need to have it too? I'm not sure if I need an architect or someone similar...
  7. FakeBakeLover99

    Keeping records of electronic diary for tax records

    Hey ladies [emoji3] I know you have to keep records of everything for your accounts like receipts etc for your taxes etc and up until now, I have been using paper diaries so have kept these. I have just switched over to an electronic booking system and i was wondering what to do regarding...
  8. FakeBakeLover99

    Red patch on legs after waxing

    Hey everyone just need a bit advice. I waxed one of my lovely regulars today (leg wax) I used oil under the wax, stretched and pulled the strip of correctly and for some reason afterwards she had a little red patch after I pulled it off. It definitely didn't look bruised or anything but she...
  9. FakeBakeLover99

    Eve Taylor pre blended massage oils

    I am qualified in aromatherapy (not practised it since college) and I know some medical conditions contra indicate the treatment. Since college I have been diagnosed with a autoimmune liver disease so I'm not sure wether or not it is safe for me to carry out aromatherapy or not. ( me do the...
  10. FakeBakeLover99

    Thought this might amuse hairdressers

    I just came across this on Facebook and thought it was amusing [emoji3]
  11. FakeBakeLover99

    Feeling sick after doing OPI Gelcolor

    This may seem like a silly question but I'm completely fine when doing client nails with Gelcolor but when i do my own I clearly have my hand up closer to my face and breathe in the fumes cause I always feel really sick and unwell after I've done them. do you guys use some sort of extractor to...
  12. FakeBakeLover99

    Stupid news articles!

    Does this annoy anyone else? Tanned hands/skin with uv lamps ?! Really? What a loads of rubbish lol xx
  13. FakeBakeLover99

    OPI Gelcolor nail art?

    [emoji3] I have recently started messing about with nail art with Opi Gelcolor . Do you all use the Gelcolor to paint on the actual nail art too or normal polish over the gel? I've used gel but I can't seem to get a crisp line it's driving me bananas. I've attached a pic of my own nails...
  14. FakeBakeLover99

    Giorgio Armani Foundation

    Hey [emoji3]I'm hoping some makeup gurus can help! I'm looking to buy Giorgio Armani foundation but I have no idea what colour to buy ! I'm in the UK but went into debenhams And they said it's only online. Does anyone know any actual shops that sell it so I can colour test [emoji3]? Xxx
  15. FakeBakeLover99

    Look what I found

    Look at the sign I found in Poundland! It's so perfect for my bikini waxes! I could resist I've bought one and used the other side for a shhh treatment in progress sign! Lol
  16. FakeBakeLover99

    Services section on Facebook business page

    Hey I've just seen the new section part, saying services on my business page, and I've spent ages typing all my treatments prices and descriptions, but only some people can see it on my page. My friend screenshot it to me so she can definitely see it, but my partner can't [emoji16] does anyone...
  17. FakeBakeLover99

    Double wax pot

    I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I bought a babyliss pro satin smooth double wax pot last year and it's fab. I have recently started getting busier and I've realised I'm wasting a lot of wax with this pot. It's kind of hard to explain. I will pour my wax into the wax pot (honey...
  18. FakeBakeLover99

    Nouvatan retail

    Hi I feel a bit silly but I have a trade account with Nouvatan, how do I view the retail trade prices? I've tried to follow the instructions but I can't see it lol Thanks Vicky
  19. FakeBakeLover99

    Maternity Pay and self employment

    Hello everyone [emoji3] I'm not sure if it makes a difference but I live in Scotland and next year my fiancé and I are looking to try for a baby [emoji3]. I am currently self employed in my home salon but technically don't earn enough to pay national insurance however I have been voluntarily...
  20. FakeBakeLover99

    Is this cheeky?

    Hi [emoji2] so I recently just got engaged and I'm already trained in makeup, but don't offer it to my clients if you get me. I'm looking for a new foundation as I definitely want to do my own makeup for the wedding, but I can never find one that is perfect for my skin and lasts. I'm using...