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    when your too ill to work what do you do

    Hi everyone I work by myself at my salon which is doing fine, I have had to come home today as I was feeling a bit dizzy. I cancelled as many appointments as I could, Put a note outside the shop and left a message on my answer machine. Are their any option instead of closing the shop...
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    Self Employed? How much do you pay for your room

    Good evening Every one, If you are a self employed beauty therapist or nail tecnician and you rent a room, how much do you pay. What do you think is a reasonable price to pay? I would like to get it right and be fair ,for when I start renting rooms out. Thank you Angela:hug:
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    £ For Renting Rooms To Other Therapists

    I would be greatful for any advice or help on this matter. I am thinking of renting a large 5 bedroom house, I am only intrestead in waxing so I am hoping to let some of the other rooms out. Maybe to a Beauty Therapist, Nail Technician, Alternative Therapies etc. How do you decided the...
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    Sculpting which colour powder for natural nails

    I am new to sculpting and would like some advice on which powders to use for a natural colour many thanks.
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    mini tummy tucks(cosmetic surgery)

    I would love to hear from people who have had cosmetic surgery or would like to have it done. For me its not about the cost involved as i would save, its about how i would feel after. Im scared of the after pain, and the healing process. After having a c section my skin is not good around my...
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    are there times when the really experienced nail techs have a bad day.

    Just wondering if their are times that the really experienced nail tech has a bad day with a set of nails, or can you see where your going wrong and are able to rectefy it , (sorry i cant spell). Can you remember how long it took till you really felt you had a perfect set.
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    waxing and genital herpes

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    waxing and genital herpes

    is it possible to catch genital herpes through waxing.
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    Asian Wedding make-up

    I wnt to an Asian wedding on sunday and the girls make up was fantastic i would love to be able to do this does any one no of any training thankyou :lol:
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    i get nervous with eyebrow waxing

    :cry: is it just me but i get so nervous with eyebrow waxing that i hate it any tips would be great, give me any other part of the body and i dont have a problem.
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    Allergie to L&P

    I have stopped doing nails as i think im allergic to the Liquid. Whilst doing a set of nails. I was dizzy and i have a really bad headache the next day. My words also start to slur. This isnt the first time this has happend. On one ocassion i was doing a set on a friend in my salon and i...
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    urgent advice 4 2mrw waxing and moles

    :rolleyes:I have a male client who has a lot of moles. I waxed his chest but went round all the moles as their are a lot of them he has dots of hair left all over the chest area. Are their any other methods of removing his hair were the moles are. He has a swimming competition on friday and...
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    are other salons quiet in leeds

    Just wondering if their are any other salons in leeds that are quiet, getting slightly worried
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    I need a course in hot waxing for the bikini area

    Hi would love to hear from any one that has used or uses this method of wax for the bikini area playboys,hollywood, once mastered is it better to use than strip wax. Are thier any good training places i really dont mind travelling. I know they prefer this method in london. Just slightly...
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    How much do you charge for a BSC wax?

    How much do you charge for the back sack and crack and is their any specialist courses that are available for this waxing