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  1. AtelierManicure

    E Files

    Hi, If you are looking also at other efiles I can recommend you the one that I'm using which is Strong 210. It works perfectly and it's a bit cheaper than the Saeyang. x
  2. AtelierManicure

    Acrylic or gel, which do you prefer?

    Thank you Trinity for your answer. It really helped my confidence. :):cool:
  3. AtelierManicure

    How long does an LED lamp work for?

    So For Led Lamp used every day in a salon, when it's the right time to change them? After a year?
  4. AtelierManicure

    Acrylic or gel, which do you prefer?

    Hello, I'm Diana, a nail technician working in Uk. Who's from here I think you could understand me. I work with gels and currently acrylic it's more popular around me and clients don't know too much about gel. I try to explain them that it's only a difference on the technique and on what I...
  5. AtelierManicure

    UV lamps explained - (why any old lamp just won’t do!). UPDATED September 2019

    Thank you for this post. A lot of useful information. :)