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    Acrylic sculpting tips

    Hi, I'm still in training and so far we've only used tips. I've played around with forms myself at home but I am struggling to apply acrylic using forms without the acrylic going underneath the nail so it's in contact with my skin. When I fit the form I make small cuts in the form to get it to...
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    Air bubbles in my acrylic

    I'm still in training so don't have the experience of the previous posters but I was under the impression that you can reduce air bubbles by making sure your brush is free of bubbles by splaying the bristles of the brush on the bottom of a dampen dish filled with monomer. Is this myth or does...
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    People’s reaction to your change of career

    Hi, I'm changing my career from a very science and academic orientated job to retrain as a nail tech and I'm (unsurprisingly) encountering scathing attitudes from some people when I tell them what I am doing. Obviously there is always a risk when you do something like this but other people's...
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    Magpie gel polish reviews

    Hi, I'm after people's opinions on Magpie Gel polish. I'm ready to invest in a brand of gel polish. I was thinking if TGB but after reading so many recent issues with the brand regarding allergies etc I've been put off. I may try them in the future when this issue has been put to bed but for...
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    Burns or reaction?

    Ooh that looks so sore! Just out of interest did they get hot when they were curing under the lamp? Hope whatever it is goes down soon.
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    White Rose Beauty, Manchester

    Thank you, I've looked at CND and I have only ever heard good things. I've asked for more info from them about courses and I'm waiting to hear back. I would be applying for an Adult Learner Loan to cover course costs so I thought it might be best to do a VTCT level 2 and 3 with a beauty college...
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    White Rose Beauty, Manchester

    Hi, I'm looking for a good place to train as a nail tech in Manchester and was wondering if anyone had any experience of learning at this college? Is it a good place to learn? What was the support like? How well did they prepare you to work in the real world? Any helpful comments would be...