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  1. laura grant

    Logo your equipment

    wowsa just had my tweezers sent from pakistan with my logo Ooh~la~lashes on them The price with full gold is US$ 3.80 each fob both straight and curved The price for AA straight is US$ 2.90 each fob and 7 A-SA curved is US$ 2.70 each Lyric International...
  2. laura grant

    uniform lash swap weird request

    haha strange request but does anyone own a beauty uniform shop that wants lashes for a cool uniform for 5 of us . thats lots of months maybe years worth of lashes. well i thought i would try as i swap cleaning for lashes hair gardening mmm thank you in advance xx:)
  3. laura grant

    Mesmereyez Semi Permanent Mascara

    Hello girls thought i would let you all know about Mesmereyez. they have been in research for quite a while, i thought i would let the cat out the bag xxx although an Australian company they are training in the uk
  4. laura grant


    Eyelash Technician Wanted Semi Permanent only Earn £100 a day self employed only( must have experience ) Ooh~la~lashes is the only eyelash lounge in Essex (Billericay) that specializes solely in semi-permanent eyelash extensions. So popular are the treatments that we are having to turn...
  5. laura grant

    Eyelash Extension Tecnician

    Hello i am looking for girls to work in my eyelash lounge in billericay performing semi permanent eyelashes. the customers are already waiting for you and you get 60 per cent and i get 40 on average you will recieve between £80-£100 you will use all my products and must be available on saturdays...
  6. laura grant

    How many times

    how many times a month or year do you or your staff get ill or have time off. what is the main causes my main causes for staff is usually sickness bugs whats yours and our staffs. and also do you tend to catch everything that your customers have. this is just a little survey really thanx in...
  7. laura grant

    web site details

    did salon geek take away everyones web site details when we write a thread. just wondered why . xxx or am i going mad again
  8. laura grant

    Ooh~la~lashes new web site

    Hello i thought i would share my new site, it has taken me over a year to build so it is home made haha, please check for mistakes there will be loads coz i am a rubbish speller, and feel free to email me your details on this thread of my world wide lashers page and i will add you but only if...
  9. laura grant

    semi permanent eyelash extensions tec needed

    to work in a very busy eyelash lounge call 07968-967245
  10. laura grant

    semi permanent eyelash tec

    i am looking for a few part time girls to choose their days or evenings to work any days or evenings to work in a very busy eyelash lounge must be reliable please call 07968-967245 please leave a message i will get back to you
  11. laura grant

    Eyelash tecnician needed in Essex

    Semi permanent eyelash tec needed for a busy eyelash lounge in billericay essex to work from 12ish until 8ish mon-fri
  12. laura grant

    Eyelash tecnician needed in Essex

    hello, i am looking for staff to work part time from 6pm til 10 pm must have experience of applying semi permenent eyelash extensions please visit my web site at and look at the before and after piccis, and if your work is like this or better please call me, as there...
  13. laura grant

    my pics keep going away

    everytime i upload my pics and then i go to click on them and they are not there. it says there are 20 in one album 10 in another but none come up thanks in advance
  14. laura grant

    BEAUTY SHOW this sunday

    hello, are any of you going to the beauty show this sunday. maybe us eyelash gals can have a meet up and arrange a prooper lash bash in london this summer to swap tips test products ect ect xx
  15. laura grant

    eyelash tecnician

    hello lashers, i am looking for a lash tec to work from 5ish til 10ish also on saturdays and maybe sundays please mail me if you are interested i am based in billericay in essex thankyou in advance regards laura
  16. laura grant

    Lashing very blonde lashes without pre tint

    hello all, i just wanted to show you, ( following on from a previous thread) that it is no problem to apply lashes onto very blonde hair, without having to pre tint the clients lashes, therefore limiting chemical stimution within the eye area. you can see my photos in my album ( not sure how...
  17. laura grant

    Eyelash extension glue 2010

    calling all lashers that have been lashing for 2 years and more. from experience how many lash adhesives have you tryed until you have found your perfect one. a glue that performs to your standard , the main one is for me staying power and little fume and no irritation. but there will always be...
  18. laura grant

    Eyelash adhesive search.

    (eyelash extensions) does anyone use a 1-3 second drying glue with weeks and weeks of staying power, without the client having any irritations from the glue being used. i have lots of clients that have used my very fast set strong glue for nearly 2 years, and some ladies that just can not due...
  19. laura grant

    20 minute lashes

    semi permanent eyelash extensions Hello all, its the £40-£45 sets that you have to remove every 2 weeks. ( if they remember) please can someone explain in detail the procedure of the 20 minute lash, and what effect it will have on the eyelash extension industry, as i was taught seperate seperate...