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    Clinic flooring

    Can anyone recommend what type of flooring for a clinic treatment room is best?
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    Is it worth training in HD anymore?

    As my question suggests, Is it worth training with the brand high definition anymore? Is the market flooded with HD brow stylists? I'm asking as I personally offer Hi Brow, which I'm happy with and my clients are BUT its not a big brand name like HD that most clients have heard of. I'd love to...
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    INK London or The Gel Bottle?

    Which do you recommended over the other & why? I currently have TGB and love the product but don't like: •sold to public •their c/s •delivery times I'm looking at INK gel polish and the colour selection looks great.
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    Aesthetic foundation degree

    So I'm hoping to begin this new degree in September, it's a level 5 equivalent over 3 year part time. It's something I've wanted to do for sometime but the only other provider of level 4/5 is the Sally Durant academy which is nowhere near me. It seems to include a lot such as •Ethics and...
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    Icon Ultralift

    Hi, Are there any other Icon Ultralift machine owners on here?
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    Bio Sculpture Evo Gel feedback

    I'm looking at the Evo gel - I've not had chance to trial it on my own natural nails but I have used the oxygenating base under my normal bio sculpture gels with the top coat and it's been fab. I've used the two colours I got in the sample pack over enhancements for two clients who wanted the...
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    Any geeks use this nail station?

    Hi Geeks [emoji4], I'm just wondering if any of you use this mani station, it's a compact one and I only need it for gel manis. If anyone has feedback of this i'd much appreciate it? X
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    Feedback of OPI GelColor strengthening base coat

    Hi Geeks, I'm currently using a different brand that I'm having trouble restocking and delivery times are too long (10 days atm), so I'm looking for feedback for OPI gel color strengthening base coat. I'm trained in a few systems inc OPI gel color but haven't used it for sometime and this base...
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    What's happened to Faceframe brow company?

    I've been looking into eyebrow extensions but have come across brow sculpting. I found the Flirties 3D brow sculpting and also Faceframe - but when I try to go onto their website it won't come up. Have Faceframe now ceased trading?
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    Anyone stock Nimue?

    I'm looking into stocking Nimue in my skincare centre, the treatments & products look great but I just wondered if anyone is already a stockist and what results they are getting from treatments?
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    Treatment room to rent in Leeds, West Yorkshire

    I have a newly refurbished treatment room to rent on a daily basis in a modern newly refurbished nail & beauty salon. Rent includes gas/electric, water, tea/coffee, use of reception. The room has fitted hot/cold running water/vanity unit, treatment couch and trolley, chair etc. This room would...
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    Advice needed about poor workmanship!

    Hi Geeks [emoji4] Sorry this is long winded so bear with me! I'm currently undergoing a salon expansion & refurbishment, so at the start of January I got a decorator to give me a quote to strip wallpaper from 2 rooms, then emulsion, 2 feature walls of paper and gloss the woodwork & doors (two...
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    Hi Geeks [emoji4] Is anyone using PamperPad for their salon? I'm a member for the free listing but wondered if it was worth the monthly fee to be on there? X
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    Festive working hours

    So this year Ive decided to cut back on Xmas week working hours at my salon, mainly as I'm working alone for the first 3 days with my p/t team member in on Xmas eve. The last several years I've over worked myself and then been ill over Xmas & new year! I don't want to let regular clients down by...
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    Not enjoying waxing!

    I'm considering training with Kim Lawless or Waxperts in the new year as I absolutely HATE waxing! I've never taken any advanced courses because of this and I'm only trained in warm wax (qualified 18 yrs ago) so you can imagine I feel "old school" with my technique! Has anyone been in this...
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    Acrylic brushes

    Does anyone know if nail brushes (acrylic) are cruelty free? X
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    Crystal clear IPL anyone use?

    I'm looking at investing in this IPL Machine but just wondered if any geeks already use/own this machine? [emoji4]
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    Jane Iredale selling direct?

    I've just seen Jane iredale UK website selling directly to the public - any other stockists aware of this?
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    Car wrapping

    Hi, what are geeks thoughts on having your car wrapped to advertise your business? I do not like the thought of clients knowing where I am as I also live in the town where my salon is located! But see it as a valuable and cheap advertising tool. [emoji4]
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    Payleven chip & pin

    Has anyone purchased the pay level chip & pin device to use instead of say Barclays merchant machine? If so has it been successful so far & saved you money?!