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  1. sweetcorn1

    Silver toner

    Hi, I am a hairdresser who has short full head bleached hair. It is very white but I want to get it silvery. Can anyone recommend a silver toner. I currently use l'oreal PO1, fudge whiter shade of pale and a voilet shampoo as well. I love Pinks hair as it is very glossy silver. Can...
  2. sweetcorn1

    Handing Notice In????

    Oh god guys I am bricking it!!!! :eek: I have worked at my current salon since I left school 8 YEARS AGO!!!! Well the time has come to move on and I have to hand my notice in. The thing is I don't know what to do or how to go about it.:!: I know I have to make it official and write a...
  3. sweetcorn1

    Buying scissors

    I need some help with buying scissors and where best to get them. I bought a fairly expensive pair of scissors in march from a local hair show we have in lancashire from a local company. They are good scissors for club/blunt cutting or use on thick hair but not for chipping. I think this is...
  4. sweetcorn1

    Posting pictures

  5. sweetcorn1

    Posting pictures

    I'm useless with computers but really want to post some pictures. Can anyone please give me a very basic step-by-step guide to posting pictures. Cheersxx
  6. sweetcorn1

    Getting A Dog?

    Hi Guys, My husband and I are thinking about getting a dog later in the year. (Can't afford it yet as we want a BRITISH BULLDOG and they are very expensive!!!) Hubby has recently joined the police and I don't like the thought of being on my own when he is on nights etc. We have a cat but...
  7. sweetcorn1

    Self employment???

    I've been looking for an employed stylist job for ages and there are none around. There have been a few but they want self employed stylists. The thing is I have thought about going self employed before (been in industry for 8 years) but don't know the first thing about it and wouldn't know...
  8. sweetcorn1

    Commission enquiries

    The place I work is quite small with only 4 staff. All of us are on commission. We all help each other out from time to time and have devised a way of splitting and sharing the money for colours etc when we help each other so that everyone gets something for their help and time. The thing is...
  9. sweetcorn1

    Colouring while Pregnant

    I've just read on another thread about colouring while pregnant and the chemicals going thro to the baby and its got me thinking. I know you have to be cautious when using chemicals on pregnant ladies but I thought that was because the different levels of hormones in your body can react badly...
  10. sweetcorn1


    Hey guys, Just wanting to hear peoples experiences of tattoos. I'm getting my first next month and I know its gonna hurt:irked: but I'd appreciate real opinions on the pain not just the tattoo artist saying it doesn't hurt at all!!! Also has anyone had one done with numbing cream and if...
  11. sweetcorn1

    Cat Thief

    I have a cat who is nearly 2 and a very very sociable cat. Anyway just over a year ago she kept going missing for 24/48 hours and when I followed her she was going to a house up the road. So I put a tag on her basically saying could they not let her into their house as she has a loving happy...
  12. sweetcorn1

    Decent Hair Pictures

    Does anyone know any magazines or websites that have decent hair style pictures for "REAL" people. I get Hair and Your Hair magazines which are great for younger clients but I can never find pictures for women older than say 40. I was recently looking for new styles for a customer in her mid...