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  1. gr8nailz

    My Mom

    I just found a whip, a mask and handcuffs in my mom’s bedroom. I can’t believe it.. She’s a superhero!
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    Nail techs in spa required to perform same massage techniques?

    THIS IS NOT A DEBATE I would like input from those of you who offer these services either as providers or salon/spa owners. Our manager brought in a consultant who designed new protocols for the nail spa. The consultant is a former nail professional. I like the new manicure and pedicure...
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    New trend - duck feet shaped nails

    Just saw this and wanted to share. What are your opinions? Do you like them? Do you do these on your clients? Duck Feet-Shaped Nails: Would You Wear Them?
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    Tis the season - for French application

    It's summer here in Florida and we're doing french application like crazy!!! Out of 16 possible appointments this past weekend, nine clients asked for french! NINE!!!! Are you ready for french application season? Just wanted to share a little secret I've found. OPI's Matte Alpine Snow...
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    Shellac Salon Certification - USA Update

    Just received this from our CND Education Ambassador. Our nail spa received their new Shellac Salon Certification on January 9, 2012. I would imagine, this will be essentially the same for the UK. Thought I'd share. CND Cracks Down To Ensure Quality Control With Shellac Salon...
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    CND Shellac Salon Certification Beginning in the US

    Originally it appeared here in the U.S., in order to be a Shellac Certified Salon, all you had to do was log on to the website and tick the boxes...kinda' like the honor system. Found out that CND is expecting salons to take the intiative to get Educators/Ambassadors out in order to ensure...
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    For Jacquelineanna

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    Owners charging staff to off-set client credit card transaction fees

    Today our owner informed us of his intention to collect 3% of each employee's 2-week tips total to off-set credit card transaction fees. I can't wrap my head around this because if a client is using a credit card to pay for her service and decides to include a tip as part of that transaction...
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    TPTW - Should We Be a Shellac Certified Salon

    Our salon is Shellac Certified. I'm proud of this and yet, I'm not. In order to be a Shellac Certified salon, our team leader simply had to log on to the CND website with our salon log-on and tick all the boxes listing the requirements to be a certified Shellac salon. Problem is, out of the 5...
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    I freakin' love halloween!

    As the title infers, I love Halloween and I recently found out that it is celebrated in the UK and that many of my SG family love the holiday as well. I thought it would be fun to share some recipes and pictures since pretty soon, we'll be hosting or attending Halloween parties and we could...
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    Pedicure FAIL

    Lawdy, Lawdy! Just had to share.
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    She said she was a Nail Tech, but she was just an Odd Bird.

    My colleague had a client in for a pedicure yesterday who was nothing short of a nightmare. She was a woman of advanced years who came in carrying a box who also proclaimed she was "one of us, a nail tech." She was a self-proclaimed germaphobe as well. She insisted on the pedi spa being...
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    Team Discipline

    I'm curious and would like to get my fellow Geeks opinions on this. Earlier this morning I received an email sent to all staff from my salon & spa owner stating that if any member of staff were "caught" with their cell phones on the salon/spa floor other than in the breakroom, their phone...
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    She brought her own "Shellac" to her appointment

    I get excited when a new Shellac client is on my book so when I walked out of the nail spa to meet my new Shellac client this afternoon, it was no different. As we walked into the nail spa, she told me she had never had Shellac. While we stood at the Shellac polish display and I explained all I...
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    Orly Launches Gel Polish - GEL FX

    News to me! Launched in Las Vegas on August 6th. CosmoProf Sneak Peek: Orly « BeautyJudy
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    OPIs New Touring America Collection - LOVE IT!

    If you haven't gotten the new OPI Touring America Collection, I just have to say the colors are amazing! They're a big hit with our clients and are jumping off the shelves in retail. The three biggest hits are: I Eat Mainely Lobster (a coral of sorts with a slight glittery shimmer); Uh Oh Roll...
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    Calling all you Menopause Mamas

    So....we've been through "The Change." And they call it that for a reason. Thought it would be fun to share observations and/or stories about what you've noticed or how your life has changed well, since....The Change. I'll start. A plus: I no longer have to shave my legs or my underarms...
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    Salon Phasing Out Shellac! Allow Me to Rant Please!!!

    I've just been told that my salon will be phasing out Shellac so that we can bring in OPI's gel polish line. Why? Because we currently carry regular OPI polishes exclusively and clients want to match their fingernails to their toenails. Can you believe it?! The best product on the market...
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    Cast your vote for best new products

    Hello fellow nail pros. Nailpro magazine is asking us pros to cast our votes for our favorite new products of 2011. When you cast your vote, you're entered to win $500. Just go to: Happy voting!
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    Banned from using Lumos - Can you believe it?

    That's right. I've been banned from using Lumos at my Nail Spa. Not because of the product but because our team leader wants everyone to be uniform in product brand usage...OPI. I love OPI, but once I began using Lumos base and top coats a little over a month ago, I don't want to use anything...