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  1. Loulou Mc

    Wow Factor

    Does anyone know where the Wow Factor web site has gone? I can't find it anywhere :sad:
  2. Loulou Mc

    Pure Hoodia

    Has anyone tried these slimming tablets? Pure Hoodia Gordonii. Genuine and Certified South African Hoodia Gordonii. I have tried various diets etc but just can't seem to shift the last half a stone :cry: The claims on this web site seem to good to be true - I'm hoping they do what it says on...
  3. Loulou Mc

    Easy Jet - Good airline????

    Ok so this year we decided it was cheaper to book our own flights and hotel seperately. This was fine until we were informed yesterday that the airline we had booked to fly with (GB Airways part of BA) has been bought out by Easy Jet and so we have gone from a chartered airline to a No Frills...
  4. Loulou Mc

    Where to train-eyelash perming???

    Hi guys Can anyone tell me of a good place to train in eyelash perming and tinting please. I have looked at several threads on here but none say where to go. I am in Kent but I don't mind traveling if the school and it's training is worth it. My insurance is with the Guild so it would...
  5. Loulou Mc

    Male spray tanning - what do they wear?

    What do you tanners get the men to wear when you spray them? I haven't had any men to do yet but haven't really marketed them as I really didn't know what to suggest they wear. I guess the obvious is shorts but then do you get them to roll them up and tuck them in so they get less of a white...
  6. Loulou Mc

    What's your most popular nail colour??

    What do your clients request the most? For me at the moment it's Pink and white or clear and white French. I like doing this but have got so many lovely colours and just wish more clients would ask for a coloured gel instead. Most of them have got coloured nno's on their toes but don't seem...
  7. Loulou Mc

    Pamper party ideas

    Hi guys I've already done a search about pamper party content and have found a few things of interest but was hoping for some more ideas. I have recently started my mobile business doing gel nails as well as other beauty treatments and holistic massage, also spray tanning. Basically my...
  8. Loulou Mc

    New Client - Full Medical History Consultation???

    Question - Do you do a full medical history consultation with every new client?? So I've just been to have reflexology as my IBS is acting up again (too much Christmas pud lol!!) I haven't seen this lady before and she was recommended by a friend. She has her own home salon which was pleasant...
  9. Loulou Mc

    Singing Santa and his backing Reindeers

    Merry Christmas to all Geeks Hope this link still works! IndiceZ - Rocket Science for Indices Traders or eMiniZ - Rocket Science for E-Mini Traders Scroll down the title page and click on link that says "Merry Christmas" then after loading press play - turn up the sound and enjoy
  10. Loulou Mc

    No show or forgetful clients - What do you do?

    I have been mobile for a few months now and I have come across this situation a few times, what do you do if a client forgets about their appointment or isn't in when you call? I have a lady and I do her nails quite regularly (she doesn't look after them at all!!) and she's always forgetting...
  11. Loulou Mc

    Manicure and pedicure products - suggestions please!!

    I am looking for products to use in my Manicure and pedicure treatments. I want something that says luxury, gorgeous, nice smelling but as cheap as possible! I have seen that Salon systems have a new Thai range - anyone tried it?? Any suggestions or comments would help alot Thanks
  12. Loulou Mc

    Any Geeks in Kent?????

    Just wondered if there were any geeks who are fairly close to me that would want to meet up to share advice, tips, experience etc. I am new to the world of nails and gel and would love to get some help etc to really get me going. I am in touch will Debs67 and am meeting her this week, thanks...
  13. Loulou Mc

    First attempt at French red tips!!

    Have just tried my first attempt at Red French tips on myself with gel! Am quite pleased with myself, I would up load piccie but not a premium geek. Will have to think of some more ideas as still new to nail enhancements and gel but get good ideas from this site so cheers guys for giving good...
  14. Loulou Mc

    Gift Voucher Ideas??

    I want to jazz up my Gift vouchers and thought about putting them in boxes along with either bath beads or scented petals etc to make it more of a special gift rather than just a piece of card. Does anyone know of a good supplier of boxes or any ideas on other ways to make the vouchers that...
  15. Loulou Mc

    Calgel Good or not?

    Hi I am new to this site and to nails, although I have been qualified in other holistic therapies for a while. I have bought the Calgel system for Gel nails and I'm going on the training next weekend, does anyone have any advice about this system. I know it's a bit late as I'm already into it...