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  1. Terese

    Seeking a true red

    Gel polish colour that isnt too blue based. Would anyone be able to recomend a red that is similar to a true pillar box red please Oh....belated christmas wishes to all and a happy, prosperous new year to all xx
  2. Terese

    No Melonin in skin

    Just interested in thoughts and experience on clients with lack of melanin in their skin. As tanning solution penetrates into skin who has found what % works better and what doesnt. Would be interested thanksx
  3. Terese

    Minx Training Deals

    Done my research and decided Im going to introduce Minx. Do we need to do training? Ive been trying various ones inc trendy wraps but I like the minx
  4. Terese


    For a fair few months I have been contemplating investing in anti ageing products. After all this deliberating I know it is an avenue I wish to divert down, ive always loved this line of work and have realised Ive really missed it, sorry for rambling so my question/s are as follows *anyone...
  5. Terese

    Spray Tan Hose help + spraying solution

    Hi Before I can purchase a new machine - Im in desparate need of a HIGH TEMP COIL REINFORCED FLEXI-HOSE please with quick delivery. My maximist has been loyal to me over a few years now but the hose has starrted to melt (this year)and I have had to cut down to the reinforced hose (long...
  6. Terese

    Xen Tan ?

    Is everyone managing to get hold of trade xen tan ok and if so is the formula OK now and not going green really quick. Ive used xen tan for the last 2 years but have put off purchasing as cant really afford to waste money on solution thats gone off Also, how have you found the % now...
  7. Terese

    Any usa techs around the michigan area -

    apart from deonassana - as ive pm'd and she is greeeeeaaat Cheers
  8. Terese


    Is there a meet at the NEC this coming weekend:)
  9. Terese

    Just Curious to know

    As a business owner ive been amazed at the amount of articles popping up in newspapers that are saying supermarkets and chemists to launch beauty treatments and at the begi of this week I read that super**** are launching fillers and botox within some of their stores. Only last week talking to...
  10. Terese

    Answering a thread on here.....happiest part of our industry

    has got me thinking.:idea: Out of the whole of our industry, which part of our industry group i.e nails, facials, spray tanners etc would you consider to be the happiest and why?? It would be even better if you do lots of treatments i.e facials, nails, spray tanning, massage etc if you...
  11. Terese

    Website and shopping ecommerce

    Hi Geeks I have my business website and want to sell products on line. I could add a paypal link etc but I dont wish to do that. Anyone know of any professional eccommerce shops as my web host isnt able to incorporate a professiona looking eccomerce shop into my website so in a nutshell...
  12. Terese

    Nail Wraps -whatever make and clients

    Im thinking of offering a type of nail wrap, however Id like some feedback please on :idea: Client nails when removing - with a buff and oil are they back to looking good? :idea:How many clients repeat the treatment? :idea:Has anyone noticed any particular brand being more adhesive than...
  13. Terese


    Hi Would anyone have contact details please for the environ skin care company - have asked to join the environ group but would like to crack on with it! Thanks all:)
  14. Terese

    Need to put

    TM on my website by business names, would anyone have any idea where I can access these from please:)
  15. Terese

    Infra red colour change lamp

    but Im looking for an infra red colour change lamp that was featured in the guild some months back - even maybe last year, anyone know where I can get one please or if you have one for sale? Thanks in advance -
  16. Terese

    Prices rising?

    Went to put an order in today and was astonished how much prices have rose, on some products they have increased twice since sept. How does everyone plan to incorporate the vat rise to 20% which will affect all goods we buy to retail? Im also planning on increasing my treatment prices in...
  17. Terese

    Measuring for Hairdressing scissors

    Hi My daughter is doing her level 2 hairdressing over the next coming year - can anyone recomend a good entry level scissor and also more importantly how do you measure for your scissors and good brands How would she know if shes a 5 a 5.5 or 6. I know most trainees use a 6, she has been doing...
  18. Terese

    Any scientific evidence or otherwise that...

    using nail enamels/polishes and nail systems harm any part of the body. Im thinking brain or respitory? Strange question you may think - however is it? Anyone thought about their long term future? Can you get personality issues from inhaling fumes over a period of years? What are your...
  19. Terese

    The Ugly face of beauty c4

    Anyone watching this?? 16 year olds getting botox
  20. Terese

    Is it possible and managable to...

    have your website with one company and your domain name with another. I have a website which I would like to use in a new name which I have registered. The website is with a different company as is the domain name. If its possible and managable, how can I acheive this? Thanks in advance