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  1. liza2009

    Cancer drugs and nails help !!

    hi :) My friend has carcinoid cancer and is on a drug called sandostatin octreotide which she has by injection . I have been doing her nails for 5 years now which she has never had any problems with no lifting ect .. but since starting the injections we have had nothing but problems :irked...
  2. liza2009

    Quick question about colour !

    Evening all :) Just a quick one, im having my hair coloured in the morning is it best to have clean or dirty hair ? :hug:
  3. liza2009

    Waxing course !

    Hi :) Im trying to book a waxing course for the next month or so does anyone know A ) a good one to go on B ) where they are ? I have been to my local Capitals and the next one is not till mid July ( Dont fancy hairy arm pits for two weeks in hot weather !) and my local Sallys dont have a date...
  4. liza2009

    Beyonce minx nails !

    Has anyone seen this weeks Reveal mag ? Beyonce has had her nails minx again and they look stunning :) I soooo want mine done :irked: Have a look they really are lovely :hug:
  5. liza2009

    How to get my white less white ?

    Hi geeks :) I need some advice on how to make my white ...well less white :?: Do i mix in some pink or clear ? this may sound silly but i would love the most natural looking white i can get :) I dont have any colours except white, pink and clear :!: Thanks :lol:
  6. liza2009

    VAT free at sally's !!

    Hi just to let you all know is VAT free at sally,s on 28th july :)
  7. liza2009

    The best products for pedicures ?

    Hi nail geeks this is my first go so please be kind :lol: I am a massive lover of pedicures and wondered what products you guys use and which you would recommend :rolleyes: I would also love to hear from feet geeks like myself ( i know im strange:!: ) as because i tell people i like doing...