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  1. bombini

    Mobile beauty couch - recommendations

    I need a beauty couch that is height adjustable and can be put into a reclinable position and is fairly lightweight. It needs to be suitable for waxing, facials, massage etc. Years since I did mobile treatments and it's only for occasional use but I would like to buy something that's good...
  2. bombini

    Lava Shells

    I'm considering investing in lava shells as Im fairly sure I have started to develop repetitive strain injury in my right hand and was hoping these could possibly help when Im doing massage. For any therapists that use the shells would you recommend it as a treatment and to ease tension in my...
  3. bombini

    Face painting

    Where is the best place to buy face paint from ? I have been asked to do some face painting at my sons school fete but all the current paints they have need replacing and I have no idea where to get it from other than ebay.
  4. bombini

    Brow kits to retail

    Hi everyone, Haven't been on here for soooooo long :eek: I just wondered if anyone retails brow kits and if so where do you buy them from ? I have seen some in Sallys but the RRP is over £20 and I would prefer something under that. I have sent so many clients to the benefit counter to...
  5. bombini

    How do you motivate yourself ?

    I am seriously lacking in the motivation department at the moment and really need a good kick up the backside ! I read all the threads from geeks with so much enthusiasm for their new business and I have none of that !!! I have worked from home for the last 3 years and before that worked in...
  6. bombini

    Tattoo cover up

    Can anyone recommend a product that covers up tattoos ? I also need to get it by Friday so if I can buy it from a shop over the internet even better !
  7. bombini

    Hair Products with SPF Protection

    I am getting married in Cyprus in 7 weeks and am a bit concerned that Im going to end up with a burnt scalp (I usually do when on hols!) I will wear a hat on holiday but even just from being out and about in the garden the last couple of days my scalp has burnt. Can anyone recommend any...
  8. bombini

    Beauty/Hair industry losing credibility ?

    What do you think ???? I keep reading threads about non hair pros training in hair extensions and hair dressers (understandably) being miffed about it. I have read a few posts about people wanting to set up a business just doing Shellac or another similar system then when I read further on...
  9. bombini

    Dentist - Private or NHS ?

    I am currently changing from my dentist as I feel that the lady I see has lost all interest in it ! She works part time and is always off sick, every time I need dental work she refers me to a different practice so I have decided to change. I need root canal treatment and she basically said that...
  10. bombini

    Employers, what information do you expect to see on CV's ?

    I am starting to think about applying for a salon/spa based position as I would like my spare room back now and hopefully if I can get a local job my clients may follow me. The problem is I haven't done a CV for years, and Im a bit stumped as to how much info I should put in the personal...
  11. bombini

    Childcare and business expenses.

    Does anyone know if you can claim for childcare when you attend a training course ? I know you can't claim for it in general when you are working but I just wondered if I did a days training and paid for an additional day at nursery could I claim it as an expense ?
  12. bombini

    Increase in awkward clients ?

    I've noticed from reading the threads on here that there seems to be an awful lot of clients complaining, moaning and being pretty agressive. Why is this ? I know there have always been difficult clients but I can't remember it ever being this bad. I work from home now so generally only...
  13. bombini

    What makes your Facials special ?

    I love giving and receiving facials and it always annoys me when get a substandard facial when I have paid a high price. I always try to go the extra mile for my clients and make the treatment as luxurious as possible. I love picking up new tips from other therapists so I thought this would...
  14. bombini

    Donating treatments & vouchers to charity

    Do you get any new clients from this ? Do the vouchers get redeemed ? I have been asked to donate to a few raffles and charity events and Im wondering if id get much business from it ? I have donated products to charities/organisations that are close to me and not really considered the...
  15. bombini

    Can any Salon Owners answer my questions ?

    I have been thinking about opening a small salon and would like a few experienced geeks to help me out with some figures etc. When I had my baby I gave up my rented room and started to work from home, this has been great for me but I feel its time to get back into a salon enviroment and id...
  16. bombini

    Curing time for Clear Shellac

    I have a client today that always has a clear polish and im thinking of converting her to shellac. She only ever has clear and I have seen on other threads that this could be an option so my question is how long do I need to cure the coats for and how many ? One base and two top coats ...
  17. bombini

    Logo redesign

    Can anyone reccommend a business to redesign my logo ? The logo itself is fine but I can't use it for print as its pretty much only half finished as the designer kind of left me in limbo before it was complete ! I need it for print and to go on my new website. Also if anyone has any...
  18. bombini

    Shellac White

    Is there another white shellac colour apart from cream puff ? I have done a search but unless Im going blind I can only find details of cream puff or a new one that is being launched this month, but not yet available ?
  19. bombini

    Feedback on Skinmate Microlift

    Does anyone have this machine or have any experience with it ? I would like to offer non surgical facials to my clients. I realise this machine is no Caci and im not expecting it to be but I need to know what sort of results im going to get with it. I work part time around my son so for...
  20. bombini

    Daily Mail Article - The Spa Rip Off

    The spa rip-off: £65 for a facial using £5 of product, £40 for a tan with spray that costs £2... One spa owner reveals the REAL cost of beauty treatments | Mail Online Just read this on the DM website :eek: A complete non story, thats like saying mechanics should only charge for the parts...