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  1. clara doon

    Brisa Bolds nail polish colour recipes!!!!!!

    Hi guys, as summer is fast approaching, and client are starting to ask more for pedi and toes to be done, I thought I'd get organized and get my brisa bolds in order !! my clients have fell in love with colour, we have had a few threads and question regarding mixing the bolds and shimmers so...
  2. clara doon

    Annual price rise ? yes or no

    hi guys I've been wondering for the last couple of weeks about going ahead with my annual price rise. I have for the last 2 years put my prices up at the end of august and would normally at about this time put my new treatment menu (with new prices) on view I was wondering weather just to...
  3. clara doon

    Happy Birthday Heather Davis !!

    :hug::hug: big happy birthday wishes hunny xxxxxxx :hug::hug:
  4. clara doon

    why can't I access everyone's blogs?

    hope someone can help with this one, for some reason I can't be able to read some geeks blogs, when I click on their blog from their profile it tells me I don't have permission to read it, but I have read their blogs/journals before... am I doing it wrong or do you think they have made them...
  5. clara doon

    new client ... given bad advice

    hi guys, I've had a new client this week who has been visiting another tech for sometime, but hasn't had the best experience of nail enhancements, and I think I've given the best professional advice, but was very careful not to dismiss the other tech as I didn't want to sound like I was...
  6. clara doon

    Beauty uk at the nec in april?

    hey geeks I hope someone can help. I won't be able to make excel in Feb, bit gutted as I was hoping to make this one but some thing always comes up!!. I had a leaflet in last months scratch about a show coming up in April at the NEC, but I've lost the leaflet with the website... so I was...
  7. clara doon

    brisa induction ... what to except?

    Hi geeks, I know there have been many threads about the use of brisa and gels in general, I have had a good read through many and have had many questions already answered, but sorry if we are covering old ground again xx I am booked on my brisa induction in 2 weeks and although I'm looking...
  8. clara doon

    debbie foster training ?

    Hi skin geeks, I was wondering if any of you have heard of this training school or if anyone has trained there? any feedback would be very helpful thanks guys xx
  9. clara doon

    good luck rachy roo

    just a quick post to wish Rach all the best for her l&p masters qualification day !! woo woo good luck chick, but I'm sure you don't need it you'll be grand ! don't forget the pics and get a early night !!:) :) wish Cara and zoe good luck for me too hun xxx
  10. clara doon

    brave day .. my sculpts..

    hi geeks here we go, these are only my second full set of sculpts in l&p. I sometimes sculpt an odd large thumb, but I really need to get to grips with them for my masters ... I did get into a bit of a mess and these have had a lot of filling !! I found I got them very bulky at the side of the...
  11. clara doon

    Sent this client to gp, was I right?

    Hi geeks I've has this lady in today for a set of l&p enhancements, but after taking a look at her nails I've sent her to the GP.:irked: This is the first time I have had to do this and I felt awful.:cry: She has been wearing stick on nails for quite a few years and would make them last about...
  12. clara doon

    all our names in scratch

    remember a while back Alex asked us all to tell her our business names and why we picked them well they are all in scratch this month !! how cool is that !! Its a cool 2 page with all the business names in different fonts, now this is as near as I'll ever get to being in scratch so coooloi :) :)
  13. clara doon

    The new daylight lamp, anyone tried it?

    Hi geeks, I was hoping someone had tried the new ultra-slim lamp from the daylight company? I'm in dire need of a new lamp and saw this one advertised in last months scratch magazine. I looks really good and the reviews were all good, but I was wondering if any of you have tried it also. I've...
  14. clara doon

    Education, how many tutors is best?

    Hi Geeks, I've just got a bit of a question for you all really.I'm starting my master classes next month at Leeds and i was wondering if it would be more beneficial to me to stay at Leeds and do all my master classes, which i know would build a better pupil/teacher relationship. Or would it be...
  15. clara doon

    happy birthday *joanne*

    just to say happy birthday to joanne xxx hope you have a fab day hunny xx
  16. clara doon

    what product line would you like to see?

    hi geeks i was wondering if any of you would like to see a product you supplier doesn't offer? i've been wondering for a while why creative don't 'do' a solar hand wash seeing as how popular the whole range is and how all our clients love the almond smell, the scentsations is fab granted but i...
  17. clara doon

    has any one ever gone into labour on you?

    yep i know this should be in the journal (and i will write it there BUT!) we all ask about the funny things that happen while we 'doing' nails doing my regular thursday night lady and her daugher is due her baby in a couple of weeks just about to start applying the product and her husband is...
  18. clara doon

    my wedding pics !!!

  19. clara doon

    vistaprint.. again

  20. clara doon

    creative 'table basics kit'

    hi guys, just have a question for you . while having a sneeky look at ebay i saw this kit for sale, it contains 8oz retention+, pink powder, white powder, dish and towel, well it looks really good, do any of you know if creative at leeds stock this item? i haven't seen it before on my travels...