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  1. Doorie

    Shellac .. yes or no?

    I don't think the layering possibility should be a deciding point, as you can do it with most soak off gels. Sam Biddle did comparre a lot of these sytems and it may help you to read her. otherwise, go to some distributors and make a decision for yourself considering price, color range, client...
  2. Doorie

    Job Title

    nail stylist (well, its translation) is the official word for the (uocoming) newly recognized profession in Switzerland :)
  3. Doorie

    Best Nail Art stripers?

    I'm with color club art club as well. did try a couple but they're the reliable i could find
  4. Doorie

    Tips .... do we love them or hate them and why??

    Gigi, I have to say it again, but I love you for saying this (and the rest in this thread) I use tips cuz at times they can be time savers... they're my best friends, esp the new generation, white, matte, with a nice smile line.
  5. Doorie

    Is this possible?

    can't wait :)
  6. Doorie

    Is this possible?

    Do you explain the CVA in your book?
  7. Doorie

    Thickness of acrylics!

    I was told the same, 2 credit cards at your apex.
  8. Doorie

    OPI in chain drugstore

  9. Doorie

    OPI powder gel enhancements

    doesn't exist :)
  10. Doorie

    OPI Soak Off Overlay Gel

    it is strong enough to be used as an NNO :) and you can also easily buff it to shape it if needed. so it is strong :) just make sure you cure it for 3mins :)
  11. Doorie

    Drew Barrymore's nails?

    could it be Paradoxal? or Tickle my France-y
  12. Doorie

    East coast and snowy places Pedicure question

    Axxium Soak Off pedicure, no drying time :)
  13. Doorie

    Comment by 'Doorie' in media 'my 2 pink hands'

    thank yoz :)
  14. Doorie

    Acrylic Nail Designs

    well i always apply a soft pink layer under, and when the client wants a new design, i remove everything and redo, and charge for a new nail art set...
  15. Doorie

    Who's done their Christmas nails?

    i'll start mine in a few seconds... I usually have extreme nails but i want a white french and wear polish tomorrow, probably OPI Holiday Glow
  16. Doorie

    TPTW Permanent or Semi-permanent services?

    I have seen MANY who would still do a French under a whole nail art'ed set... waste of time! and if the chosen nail art can be done with polish then I just do my canvas a bit thicker and there you go, saves a lot of time and less dust, i can only agree!
  17. Doorie

    TPTW Permanent or Semi-permanent services?

    I tend to have clients who will always have a Forever French... classic and nice. for the others, I tend to "sculpt" a "canvas" with translucent pink and then do the nail art they want above, that I can easily remove. so it doesn't take me more time, and nail art is charged...
  18. Doorie

    TPTW ... Do people actually know what a good set set of salon nails should look like?

    it is lovely indeed!! woah! but I couldn't wear that myself. I would feel like I have to paint them at last other wise I'd look just as naked as my nails!