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  1. tips and toes

    Help allergic reaction

    Hi all just want to say thank you again for all ur replys it really helps.. Went to the dermatology and they gave me tablets to take for a month which have not helped then to go back to my doctor to get a allergy test done.. I got told that the nhs has stopped funding for this and i am unable to...
  2. tips and toes

    Help allergic reaction

    Yep it is awful but hey life goes on init.. Yep have stayed away from what i thought it was and still it hasnt gone.. Some fingers are ok but the rest are rather bad.. The tablets im on now are slightly helping but we shall see after 4 weeks just the side effects are not nice stomach upset and...
  3. tips and toes

    Help allergic reaction

    Well just thought id update you with my nail problem.. The last i wrote here was that my hands fingers was clearing up and getting better but im afraid to say that this is not the case and coming onto the 4th month of having this i am totally fed up.. I have been to the hospital 4 times and...
  4. tash nails

    tash nails

  5. tips and toes

    Comment by 'tips and toes' in media 'water marbling'

    Hiya thank u very much.. Im a newbie also saw it on you tube and thought mmmm ill give it a try and wallaaaa lol the above results.. I used a range of polishes but i found that if the polish is rather thick the balls just drop and no spread.. Just play around with different polishes and im sure...
  6. My natural nails at one stage... Not no more :((

    My natural nails at one stage... Not no more :((

  7. Pedicures with pink  toes

    Pedicures with pink toes

  8. Glitter and striping tape

    Glitter and striping tape

  9. Acrylic overlays

    Acrylic overlays

  10. Pinky striped airbrush

    Pinky striped airbrush

  11. Practising airbrushing

    Practising airbrushing

  12. Its a pink affair

    Its a pink affair

  13. mums nails airbrush

    mums nails airbrush

  14. tasha airbrush

    tasha airbrush

  15. Trendy wraps with acrylic

    Trendy wraps with acrylic

  16. tash nails

    tash nails

  17. water marbling

    water marbling

  18. tips and toes

    Help allergic reaction

    Hi just a update for yah fingers are getting better.. Tablets and cream has helped alot so fingers crossed its been a week hopefully not too much longer as not being able to do nails is driving me nuts lol..My hand looks normal again and the skin is forming back woo hoo nearly had a heart...
  19. tips and toes

    Help allergic reaction

    Thank you gonna go hospital tom see if can see anyone as i am abit worried as its not getting better.. :(((
  20. tips and toes

    Help allergic reaction

    Hi, Im looking for some help on a problem i have.. I have recently changed my product that i have been previously using and since then i have come up with swollen,seeping cuticles, itchy as hell and small bumps all over my hands as well as peeling skin at the cuticles... I went to the...