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  1. mlw1

    Damaged nails

    Sorry Geek was indeed meant to read Geeg:eek:
  2. mlw1

    Damaged nails

    Thank you all for your replies. Geek and Lisa Nails I have taken your advice and will be patient!!! Am using solar oil daily. Am using Vinylux and they are lasting a full week with a tiny amount of tip wear (due to office work!) love love love!:D
  3. mlw1

    Damaged nails

    Hi I wonder if anyone can shed any light on what is happening to my nails. I stopped using gel polish on my nails about three months ago now and my nails currently look like this. It does not seem to be improving. I am using CND Vinylux as I can't bear bare nails!!! Can anyone help please:sad:
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    IZ Gel

    Is anyone using IZ gel by Izabelle Hammond and if so how many sets are you getting out of bottle? Many thanks. :lol:
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    Diffuser for Babyliss Elegance Hairdryer

    I am looking for a diffuser to fit the Babyliss Elegance Hairdryer. Does anyone know if there is one that fits. Babyliss do not do one themselves. Many thanks
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    Blowdrying or straighteners

    Just a quickie I blowdry my hair every day and just wondered if it is worse for your hair to do this or to rough dry then use straighteners.
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    Blowdrying or straighteners

  8. mlw1

    Sorry obviously I am talking about Bio Sculpture that I have done!!! Thank you.

    Sorry obviously I am talking about Bio Sculpture that I have done!!! Thank you.
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    Hi I have a little problem with my nail tech and just wondered what you think? I am a...

    Hi I have a little problem with my nail tech and just wondered what you think? I am a qualified nail tech trained in OPI so I know about how important cuticle work and prep are. I had a mobile nail tech come and do my nails and she left quite a gap from cuticle. My thumb looked like I needed...
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    NCO London Gel

    Hi I am looking to change to NCO London gel. Would like some feedback as to what people think. Also is the drill absolutely necessary? Thanks
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    Shellac in a pen?

    Having read all about 'Shellac' being sold cheaply and copies at that, I decided to have a look and look what I came across - it's described as Luxury - why CND didn't think of it I don't know...
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    Buffing clear gel before polish?

    Hi I have soaked off the gel and applied Nubar uv buff off gel and my nail polish has stayed on without chipping - where I was going wrong before I don't know but this time it worked!! I am using OPI Polish - trust them 100%:cool:
  13. mlw1

    Buffing clear gel before polish?

    The polish is actually chipping but the gel is still in tact. I am using lechat nobility competition soak off clear gel. I have Nubar clear gel but have yet to try it on that. :|
  14. mlw1

    Buffing clear gel before polish?

    Thanks I ask because I have polished onto clear gel overlays (my nails) about three times now and I am finding a few of my nails chipping and it is very fustrating!!:(
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    Buffing clear gel before polish?

    Hi have yet to try this but just wondered if polish will stay on clear gel longer if you buff the gel first? :)
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    Nubar Infinity UV Colour Gel

    Hi I ordered Maroon colour and the pot I got was faulty as it was a very sheer colour and the lovely lady at Palms Extra said she was sending me out another pot as the colour is quite rich. Is there anyone out there who uses Infinity colour gel and if so, any pictures of the maroon (or any...
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    Le Chat Nobility - starter kit

    Hi Ideal beauty products stock lechat. Have you tried the clear gel before and if so, have you applied polish and how long did it last? :biggrin:
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    Best Round Brush

    Hi Can anybody advise as to what the best round brush is. I currently have Headjog which is fine but I do find after blowdrying with it, it is a bit flyaway (that is the best way I can describe it). Thanks
  19. mlw1

    Gel topcoat over polish over L&P?

    Nubar's infinity uv top coat can be used over polish but the polish needs to be bone dry. I phoned Palms Extra and they confirmed it. :)
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    Alternative Gelish Cleanser

    OPI Nas 99 Sallys sell it:)