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  1. J

    Powder gel vs hard gel

    Hello everybody :wink2: so...I have read the older posts about techs 'cheating' customers into thinking they are having gel when they are having acrylic and i must say the whole powder gel thing is confusing the hell outta me lols!!!! To me, gel is gel and its runny like gel lol. I am finding...
  2. J

    Which primer?

    Hey everyone! So just wanted to get your help on a few things. I have only recently gotten back into gels and actually have a little nail nook lol in my shop. Two things which are really doing my head in. first, so many people are coming in and asking for fills on nails they have had done at...
  3. J

    Help!! IBD gels

    I need serious help!!! I have recently started doing gels again but im using ibd soak off and i have 2 problems. First, every time i apply it over tips i end up with a dip right next to the tip,each side of it and it doesnt matter what i do, i cant solve this problem! I have noticed it is alot...