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    Which are you?

    As a new nail technician, I am struggling with some refinement issues and smile lines. I am not a complainer I am a fixer. However we all hit that wall of Is this really the profession for me? I was talking with a past co worker from a fast food chain I managed, when she emailed me this...
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    Happy Yuletide Salon Geeks

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    Feeling very blessed!

    I wanted to say thank you to all of you whom have helped me in the few questions and comments I have made. I being a newbie so to speak have tried a few gels that just did not mesh with myself and my clients. I am greatful that I found the CND Brisa and so many happy clients later. I...
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    Feeling very Blessed!

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    Solar Nails

    I am new and was unaware of what Solar Nails are. I was asked by a potential customer if I did these. I was unsure what they are. I assumed as she told me done with liquid and powder they were acrylics she said no no no the salon told her they were better for you then acrylic and gel. I...
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    Ideas to spruce up your UV lights

    Found this idea in fb group thought was super cute idea. Hope you all enjoy it!
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    Ideas to spruce up your UV Lights