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    What to include in a facial??

    I have recently done a course in Facials. However I'm a little confused!! When I have been researching into competition and prices on the area they all seem to offer different things for ever a mini facial or a luxury facial. I'm just wondering what everyone includes in each of their facials...
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    Airbrush makeup

    Im currently renting a room in a hairdressing salon who are very popular with brides. Ive been looking into airbrish makeup courses and im just wondeting what people think? Worth the investment? Popular treatment abd which is the best brand to use? Thank you! Sent from my GT-I9100 using SalonGeek
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    Hollywood Toes question

    I'm interested in a course in Hollywood Toes ready for the summer. I'm just wondering Whether people find this a popular treatment and whether it's profitable. Is it just on overlay or tips also? Thanks everyone!
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    Threading course

    I'm just wondering whether anyone could recommend a threading course in South Wales? Ive taught myself how to thread, although if something were to go wrong (not sure what) I know I wouldn't insured without training Thanks everyone
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    200 lashes per eye

    I've been offering ee for nearly two years now and I really enjoy doing them. I'm a little confused, my understanding is that eyelash extensions should only be applied to the natural eyelashes. However on Big Brother last night Georgia was talking about having 200 on each eye? I dont count the...
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    Weekend Nails, tips or full coverage??

    Hi Geeks, I was taught on my Nail Extension training that I could use full coverage nails and call them weekend nails. Reading through the threads on Salon Geek, some people also say they use nails tips and then a thin coat of resion or gel? What is the correct method? Also which is...
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    Can Gelish be Rockstar Nails?

    I'm just wondering whether when using Gelish and glitter you can still class them as Rockstar Nails? Or is the Rockstar Nails linked to Shellac in any way? Thanks
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    What to charge hairdressers when I'm renting a beauty room in the Salon?

    Hi there, I'm about to start renting a beauty room in a hairdressing salon. I'm just wondeirng what to offer the hairdressers who work in the Salon, discount or free treatments ? Obviously they are walking advertisements but theres about 8 of them and only 1 of me! What are your views?
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    Waxing Course Confusion!!

    I recently completed a warm waxing course. We covered all areas except for bikini waxing? I'm a bit confused really as I expected for this to be included. When I asked the tutor she said that bikini waxing wasnt included in this course and that I needed to do an intimate waxing course. Obviously...
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    Gel Tip Shaping help!

    I have just finished my first client for Gel nail Extensions. I finished off with a freehand french mani as I only has natural tips and clear gel and she loves the french manicure look. She loved the nails (shes a close friend so would tell me if she didnt!) but I wasn't quite as happy with the...
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    Wax kit set up, Help!

    I have recently completed a wax course and have bought a kit to practice on family and friends. This is a ridiculous question but I really need help! I bought a salon essentials wax heater but then I bought salon system just wax lavendar wax and their pre and post care products. The...
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    Swarovski/Crystal Nail

    I really love the look of a crystal nail and especially Crystal pedicures for the Summer. I'm finding it hard to find prices of competitors that offer the treatment in my area so I can see what the average price is. I'm just wondering what people charge for a single nail/toe or full...
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    Eyelash extensions falling out after 1/2 days

    Ive just had a phonecall from a very irate mother of a girl whose semi permanent eyelashes i did the other day. She said that most of the lashes had fallen out within a day!! Ive never had this problem before. Im just wondering if anypne could give me some advice on the matter? I followed all...
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    Waxing-Searched through previous threads but can't seem to find the right answer :(

    I'm about to embrak on a waxing course. I am already mobile based and I'm looking to expand my skills. I use Salon Geek almost every day to search for things, by far my most valuable learning tool. Although I can't seem to find a straight answer! As I will be mobile based, would a roller wax...
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    Lena White shopping

    I've recently signed up to lena white. This is prob a ridiculous question! But how do you add items to your basket, there's no button next to each product saying add to basket or anything of that nature. Could someone point me in the right direction??
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    Problems with Salon system clear glue

    I've been using JB Lash glue in black for over a year. I decided to try salon system clear glue for individual lashes. The clients I used it on found it very clumoy and it didnt last long. I also found it very runny when I put some.on the jade stone. Could anybody give advice of where I may be...
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    Looking for a Beauty Room to rent in South Wales, help please :)

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to expand my business and rent a room in the South Wales area. I'm open minded, hairdressers/gyms etc Also any advice on finding a room would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks x
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    Minx Nails Trade Prices

    I've been a mobile therapist for a year now. I've recently branched out into nails. I haven't received my manicure certificate yet as I have to complete certain tasks and compile a portfolio. Obviously this means I can not create an account with Sweet Squared (so excited!). I'm just wondering if...