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    What to include in a facial??

    I have recently done a course in Facials. However I'm a little confused!! When I have been researching into competition and prices on the area they all seem to offer different things for ever a mini facial or a luxury facial. I'm just wondering what everyone includes in each of their facials...
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    Calling all newbie waxers!

    I always use a new spatula for different areas of a client, I double dip also. I haven't tried using alc, do you just sprinkle a small amount on the bikini and underarm area or put some on a cotton wool pad and wipe on. Do you do this for every client or just ones that perspire more? Sorry for...
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    Airbrush makeup

    Im currently renting a room in a hairdressing salon who are very popular with brides. Ive been looking into airbrish makeup courses and im just wondeting what people think? Worth the investment? Popular treatment abd which is the best brand to use? Thank you! Sent from my GT-I9100 using SalonGeek
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    Hollywood Toes question

    I'm interested in a course in Hollywood Toes ready for the summer. I'm just wondering Whether people find this a popular treatment and whether it's profitable. Is it just on overlay or tips also? Thanks everyone!
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    My lashes :)

    I can't believe how amazing these are!! You should be very very pleased with yourself. I have been doing eyelash extensions for over 2 years now and mine never seem to come out this thick, I'm very thorough covering all the eyelashes but they never look like this, any pointers??
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    Threading course

    I'm just wondering whether anyone could recommend a threading course in South Wales? Ive taught myself how to thread, although if something were to go wrong (not sure what) I know I wouldn't insured without training Thanks everyone
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    200 lashes per eye

    I've been offering ee for nearly two years now and I really enjoy doing them. I'm a little confused, my understanding is that eyelash extensions should only be applied to the natural eyelashes. However on Big Brother last night Georgia was talking about having 200 on each eye? I dont count the...
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    Brow wax help

    I think a brow wax definitely looks better if you wax above, usually if they have dark hair. However I would never evr go anywhere near the shape at the top of the brow, so many people have come to me that have been to another salon where chunks of their eyebrows have been taken out from the top!
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    Rockstar nails

    Rock stars have been so popular for me over Christmas. I apply base coat, cure, brush on glue, brush over with a fan brush then press lightly on the nail with my finger. Do the same for another coat and then apply two top coats, looks amazing!
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    My sister in law says Shellac peels straight off!

    Don't be out off. Gelish is one of my biggest sellers if not the biggest! Just a few simple rules to remember and you'll be well on your way!
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    Infill prices

    I know this is a stupid question but what is the difference between maintenance and infills?? Thanks
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    The best tweezers for eyebrow service?

    Tweezerman 100%, last for years and stay sharp
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    Gelish Glitter Tips

    Chrogers your nails look fab! I'm sorry to interupt the thread. I'm just wondering what you use for the thin coat of glitter between the black and the white?
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    Waxing Course Confusion!!

    Thank you for the advice everyone. I have had a basic bikini wax done for years so im confident that I will be able to do it. I think its more of the fear if anything went wrong i may not be covered on my insurance as I did not cover it in class. Thanks again everyone Sent from my GT-I9100...
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    Weekend Nails, tips or full coverage??

    Hi Geeks, I was taught on my Nail Extension training that I could use full coverage nails and call them weekend nails. Reading through the threads on Salon Geek, some people also say they use nails tips and then a thin coat of resion or gel? What is the correct method? Also which is...
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    Weekend nails - tips and help!

    I'm just wondering whether people prefer using just tips or whether they use a full cover nail like the stick on ones from boots? Thanks
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    UV gel !

    What a great video! Thank you for the recommendation! I definitely wasn't prepping thoroughly enough! I'm going to make my way through all of her videos!
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    Are cluster lashes for short term wear?

    I have recently started to rent a beauty room in a hairdressers where they used to do beauty. We were talking about the cluster eyelash extensions today and they suggested that I use my semi permanent glue for the clusters instead of the correct glue that is designed to last a couple of days as...
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    Can Gelish be Rockstar Nails?

    I'm just wondering whether when using Gelish and glitter you can still class them as Rockstar Nails? Or is the Rockstar Nails linked to Shellac in any way? Thanks
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    Gelish over nail tips?

    Maybe they didnt last because of the thickness of the tips they have to be capped thoroughly?? I know I have this problem with Minx