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  1. sam28


    I already do spray tanning and have had alot of my customers asking whether I do the minx nails. I have not trained to do nails and would not expect to decide to do acrylics and just get a bit of training and go out and do them, but the minx application looks quite easy in comparison to...
  2. sam28

    Pop Up Spray Tanning Tent

    I am wanting a pop up tent, anyone have any ideas where to get a secondhand or cheap one ??
  3. sam28

    Chocolate Fountain

    Does anyone use a chocolate fountain, starting to use one at our princess parties, whats the best chocolate to put in it ?? I've heard you cant just use any old chocolate
  4. sam28

    Waxing 8 Year Old

    Hi, just want your opinions. I've been asked to do an eyebrow wax on an eight year old. Now assuming the insurance company are happy with the parents consent, what do you guys think ethically ?? I've booked it in, apparently she's got a real problem with them (I havent seen the girl). I know...
  5. sam28

    Dance Competition Tans

    Hi there, I do the usual dancing competition girl tans at Tantrick 12%, Mother wants her darker and has booked her in for two, two days apart. Now she says she wants her "black", without laughing my head off, is she going to be "all I can see is her eyes and teeth" black do you think or just...
  6. sam28

    Back Wax

    I did a back wax on my other half two weeks ago (first wax). He's come out in red spots which are grouped together where the main tufts of hair were. The hairs are growing back and are not in the centre of the spots so I've ruled out any infection, they have also come out just over a week...
  7. sam28

    Fake Bake Geeks

    Have got a question for fake bake tanners, I usually use Tantrick but had been sent some samples from fake bake and as I have had a busy week and running low on Tantrick I thought I would get my business partner to spray me with the fake bake sample. I'm dark skinned (olive) and used the dark...
  8. sam28

    Beauty Mags

    Hi, which is the best beauty therapy mag to subscribe to ??? xx
  9. sam28

    Referral Schemes

    Going to introduce a customer "introduce a friend" get X% off a treatment offer. How do others run it ie. have you had some cards made up that you give to customers and they hand it to a friend to bring in or do you just ask them to get their friends to mention their name and keep a log etc etc...
  10. sam28

    Room to Rent - Halifax area

    We are thinking of taking on larger premises and would have a spare room to rent to perhaps an aromatherapist or similar (Reiki or Reflexologist). Does anyone know of anyone who maybe interested ?
  11. sam28


    Hi guys, was thinking of getting an intercom/buzzer for the salon door as sometimes I find myself in the back room with a customer and I have to lock the door, I dont want any clients arriving early sat on the doorstep or any passers by missing me, but then I dont want to answer the door...
  12. sam28

    Spray Tanning - Freezing !

    Probably absolutely nothing anyone can suggest, but I find (and my customers) that the solution is blinking freezing when spray tanning. The solution is kept at room temperature and the rooms not cold. Dont suppose anyone has got any useful tips ??
  13. sam28

    Peptide Spray Tanning

    A couple of customers have mentioned peptide spray tanning, apparently its anti-wrinkle, firming etc etc. I was thinking of offering it alongside my Tantrick solutions. Beauty Lab do a peptide one, but already supply a salon in the area. Does anyone know of an alternative product. Have done a...
  14. sam28

    Small Children - Kinking

    Hi, Has anyone experienced their children kinking ie. crying in temper but holding their breath and lips going blue, then finally taking a breath. Maisie (aged 3) has done it for ages, just wondered when she is meant to grow out of it (obviously she's not going to be doing it at 16 - hope not...
  15. sam28

    Airbrush/Henna Tattoos

    Hi there, does anyone have any info on either henna tattoos or airbrush body art. We have had a couple of clients talking about it and saying they cant find anywhere local that does it. Trying to offer more services (just nails and spray tans at present), would love any info on whether your...
  16. sam28

    Honestly !!

    I've got a good one (and swear down its totally true !!). Local pub .... DJ, girlfriend wants to play a trick on her partner, so when its time for the DJ to call out the lottery numbers, she asks the DJ to read out her parnters lottery numbers for a joke. Well, the numbers got read out, the...
  17. sam28

    Sticky Feet

    Where do you all find is the cheapest place for sticky feet ??? :hug:
  18. sam28

    Detox Foot Bath

    Has anyone had a go with one of these, thinking of buying one as a bit of an add-on, any recommendations welcome ?? Unless anyone can think of a better add-on. Currently doing spray-tans and acrylic/gel nail/toes aswell and thinking of expanding services slightly, any suggestions space is...
  19. sam28

    Creative Lifting

    Why are my creative nails lifting after two days in the top corners ???:eek: Is the acrylic supposed to be quite thin at the cuticle end or thick when filed off ??:hug:
  20. sam28

    How many tans - 1 litre solution

    How many tans do people generally get from 1 litre of solution xx:hug: