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  1. kellyyork

    Micro ring hair extensions

    Hiya. Quick jump over from the nail geek! last summer I had glue in great lengths hair extensions which I loved as they looked fab but they got matted at the top very quickly and were very expensive. Ive heard a lot about micro rings extensions and wondered what you guys think? Also do you...
  2. kellyyork

    micro ring hair extensions

  3. kellyyork

    Shellac Lamp

    Well.. excited as my Shellac lamp has arrived this morning! But I dont seem to be able to get the top off it! so cant put the bulbs in! Anyone know the "knack?" xxxx
  4. kellyyork

    Nasty client threatening me

    I had a client come into the salon where I work on the 5/3/10 she had l+p enhancements. I asked her to fill out a client record card to which she said yes and for whatever stupid reason she only put name and that she was on "a lot" of medication. i didnt see this till she left. i know i know i...
  5. kellyyork

    custom mixed brisa

    i have a client who's getting married and really wants her nails a soft caramel/ milky brown colour. Does anyone have any idea how i would go about mixing that colour up with brisa?! I haven't a clue, not very good with things like that. I want to mix up a few shades to show her on her next...
  6. kellyyork

    Renting a nail desk

    Good evening fellow Nail geeks! I have been offered a position in a new salon that is opening up in my home town. I would be the only nail tech, doing purely nail enhancements and minx/nail art, no mani or pedi as the beauty therapist will be doing that. I guess my question is am i being asked...
  7. kellyyork

    Rent a nail desk. Fair Price or expensive???

    I have been offered an opportunity to rent a nail desk in a new solon due to open in my town. If I accept i would be the only nail technician in the building, the beauty therapist would offer manicures and pedicures so I would literally be doing just enhancements, gel toes and minx/ nail art...
  8. kellyyork

    Rent a nail desk. Fair Price or expensive???

  9. kellyyork

    New minx designs

    Evening geeks! 0n the i see there are different designs as to what there is on the ss website. does anyone know how we can get these? Can sweet squared get them?? I'll ring up tomorrow but just wondered if anyone knew. Theres a really cute white lace bridal nail design. happy...
  10. kellyyork

    Nails at work.

    I dont know if i'm posting this in the right section so please move me on if i'm not! I'm looking for some advice from all you geeks. I currently work in a salon for 20 hours a week, getting paid minimum wage. My boss has approached me with the idea of me doing nail enhancements at the salon...
  11. kellyyork

    Boomerang Buffer.

    Just a quick question for you CND geeks. I got my conformation letter through today for my Cut the cord offer, and it gives a list of things to take with me on the day, on the list it includes, boomerang board, blizzard board and boomerang buffer. Can someone please tell me if there is another...
  12. kellyyork

    Boomerang Buffer.

  13. kellyyork

    Young nails

    Please excuse me if this has already been asked. In my copy of scratch i have seen that young nails have a fab range of coloured and glitter powders. Does anybody have any experience with these? Do we have to do training in order to purchase? Or can you buy and try first? And finally, does...
  14. kellyyork

    Prom nails

    I've offered to do prom nails for my sister and her 9 friends! (am i mad? i dont know, maybe) i was thinking of doing them poppits with white tips (if their nails are suitable) as this will be my quickest option and also they will not be wanting rebalances because of school. do any of you guys...
  15. kellyyork

    Help my poor hair....

    hey guys, i'm a skin and nail geek so just looking for a bit of help re my hair! my little cousin is at hair dressing college and i volunteered to be her model, i normally have bleached hair, i'm a blonde naturally too. now, shes done a full head colour on me a 6.0 and 6.7 mixed equal halves, i...
  16. kellyyork

    Minx in valencia?!

    As the title says. I wonder if there are any geeks in valencia who do minx nail coverings? My cousin is living over there at the min and i would like to get her a voucher. X x x Posted via Mobile Device
  17. kellyyork

    Opi microbond

    i trained in this earlier this year but really got stuck into my acrylic and havent used it for a long time. i did a couple of sets on friends and family last week just to try and get up to scratch again before i offer it to my clients but ive had a few problems, i used exactly the same prep as...
  18. kellyyork

    the event, is it for me?

    I am trained in opi absolute l+p and opi microbond gel. would i benefit from the event? i do want to do a conversion course with creative at some point. also, i'm quite a shy person really and live quite a way away and i know i cant let that hold me back all my life! after all i do drive. but...
  19. kellyyork

    Sweet Squared/CND

    Hi. Just wondered if anyone can let me know... Is there a minimum order price for your first order with sweet squared cnd? X Posted via Mobile Device
  20. kellyyork


    ok, ive put to one side £50 to get a few bits from creative as i want to try their products and see what all the "hoo haa" is about, which acrylic trial kit should i get as there is three and im not sure? i currently use opi absolute. i also want to try a couple of polish's to compare with my...