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  1. kellyyork

    Micro ring hair extensions

    Hiya. Quick jump over from the nail geek! last summer I had glue in great lengths hair extensions which I loved as they looked fab but they got matted at the top very quickly and were very expensive. Ive heard a lot about micro rings extensions and wondered what you guys think? Also do you...
  2. kellyyork

    micro ring hair extensions

  3. kellyyork

    Pricing Minx & Shellac together?

    Minx on its own I charge £20.00, shellac same. I always put shellac base and top over my minx anyway on fingers. I charge £30.00 for minx and shellac colours together. X
  4. kellyyork

    Minx big toes! Not enough

    I use every last little piece of minx up! Minx and shellac look fab together, a perfect shellac manicure with minx just on the ring fingers looks great and ive found it very popular! dont waste any, it can all be used! I also cut shapes out of any left over bits, If i have a couple of fingers...
  5. kellyyork

    Minx big toes! Not enough

    Depending on the patterns I turn the 2nd biggest minx on its side. I tend to get 2x toes and 1x fingers per sheet xx
  6. kellyyork

    Any nail extension courses in Lincoln?

    I'd recommend Clare 100% x
  7. kellyyork

    Can you use trendy nail wraps on your fingers?

    I don't use any top coat of any kind. I charge 28.00 for fingers and 28.00 for toes! Includes like a mini pedicure/manicure cuticle work and foot/hand massage. X
  8. kellyyork

    Can you use trendy nail wraps on your fingers?

    I dont personally use them as I use minx but I don't see why you wouldn't be able too?? They're a nail wrap and your fingers are just nails?? Granted they may not last as long but should still work fine. I charge 28.00 for minx x
  9. kellyyork

    Do you seal your MINX with top coat or not?

    I never seal. Never needed too. Minx on toes lasts 6 weeks plus and fingers I get ten days from if people are really careful! X:cool:
  10. kellyyork

    Im back on geek! Not been on in months!! :) addicted again! Xx

    Im back on geek! Not been on in months!! :) addicted again! Xx
  11. kellyyork

    How long do your Minx last?

    My minx on toes can last until they grow out!! (if you left them long enough!) I love doing minx on fingers! It's so attention grabbing! I tend to get 2weeks out of fingers. I heat minx before I apply, push down and fully adhere to nail under the heat with a rubber ended pusher thingy, then I...
  12. kellyyork

    Minx & Shellac pricing

    When I was in the salon I used to charge £28.00 for minx treatment. (fingers or toes) and £25.00 shellac. Hope that helps x
  13. kellyyork

    Minx Nails

    Hi. Its pretty simple, geeg posted a tutorial on here i think. Ive not done any training as such specifically for minx but i am a nail tech. join the minx lovers group and have a browse through there, lots of tips and tricks. I do a lot of minx and love it. I think if you purchase a kit you...
  14. kellyyork

    Brisa lamp blown?! help!

    haven't got a clue really as i'm not anywhere near mine but just a random guess- is there a fuse in the plug or anything? X x
  15. kellyyork

    Can't wait much longer :)

    i don't know where to post it so if anyone can tell me i'd appreciate it i'm selling my old brisa lamp that can be used with shellac. X x
  16. kellyyork

    Anyone else get free edge lifting with nail wraps?

    ps. I always tell my clients to wear gloves when washing up etc to protect them. Posted via Mobile Device
  17. kellyyork

    Anyone else get free edge lifting with nail wraps?

    i have found that problem also. I do lots of minx on fingers and it stays on well over a week on natural nails. I find not so long with enhancements. Try making sure the free edge isn't too thick before you apply the minx, and also, don't stretch it over the edge, you want no overhang if you...
  18. kellyyork

    Heat/sun cream - can it cause problems for Minx wearers??

    the new "clear" sun lotion has alcohol in it. Well, the one i had last week did, thats why they advise you not to use on your face. Maybe that has something to do with it? I wore mine in turkey this year and the clear layer started to come off. It's never done that to me before on holiday so i...
  19. kellyyork


    You can buy from the distributors for CND in the uk. But you do already have to have an account set up to order online. Best to give them a ring in the morning. Number is on the website. xxx
  20. kellyyork

    Minx - I am having troubles appying

    Maybe it wasnt warm enough, i tend to find that different patterns need to be a bit warmer than others, the silver and gold i find go flexible with hardly any heat at all, but i did the bright yellow/green summery ones today on a client and found them to feel a tiny bit "thicker" so needed to be...