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  1. amerie43

    Anyone ever hear of young nails?

    There is a product that has been all over the nail mag pages called "Young nails" ANyone ever use them? Just wondering if they are any good cause Im thinking of switching my products.
  2. amerie43

    opi clarite

    Does anyone use opi odorless clarite? Is it fast setting or any good at all?
  3. amerie43

    Does the "Sunflower" have a light on it?

    I know a few people have posted a dew things about that sunflower dust eliminator. I was wondering if it has a light on it? The picture doesnt show much detail. THanks:green:
  4. amerie43

    anyone ever heard of the sunflower?

    There is this thing called the sunflower that sits above your station and sucks up all the acrylic dust and vapors.... It looks really nice! Just wondering if anyone uses it of ever hear anything about it???!!!
  5. amerie43

    1st photo of my work

    This is my client from today. I did a pink and white full set. What you guys think?
  6. amerie43

    air bubble in natural nail

    I was filling a clients nails today and I was filing off the parts of arylic that had lifted and I got to her thumb and and started on what I thought was a part of acrylic that I thought was lifting and I didnt want to file too much so I grabbed my nippers and snipped off the lift and to my...
  7. amerie43

    2 week and 4 week backfills

    what and how are they used for? i know u can cut smile lines with the 2 week but im curious what they r really do
  8. amerie43

    Real sick, think I have overexposure!!!

    So today I did 2 full sets, one soak off, and two fills and aftermy 3rd client I starting getting really sick feeling. My head got real tight and started to pound, I gotreally sick to my stomach, almost car sick feeling, My vision got fuzzy, and I felt really weak.... I have been home now for 5...
  9. amerie43

    Natural Nail Lifting On The Free Edge

    Ok another sorry... OK so some of my clients have had thier nails on for a while and thier natural nail grows underneath and lifts from the acrylic, I drill the underneath with the diamond drill bit for that spacific reason but sometimes there is too much nail and is lifting...
  10. amerie43

    Acrylic crystalizing

    When I am filling some of my clients nails I notice that sometimes on different parts of the nail the acrylic crystalizes..... lol I dont even know if I am spelling that tight but you guys know what I am saying! Its lke a line of glitter that forms after I apply. It is easly buffed off but...
  11. amerie43

    Razoring the feet?

    A lot of my clients ask if I can razor thier feet. Oh course I tell them "No" but they ask why it is illegal if a new razor is used everytime and I dont know what to tell them. Is it really that bad to do besides it being risk for cuts?:smack:
  12. amerie43

    pink & white question?????

    I just started doing pink and whites and we have two shades of pink, "ultra pink" and "ultra blush". When I use the ultra blush and drag it over the white it comes out nice but when I use the "ultra pink" and drag it over the white even the littlest, it makes with white a bit pinkish. Does...
  13. amerie43

    WHat causes air bubbles

    WHat causes air bubbles in finished acrylic nails? I have noticed in a few of my clients that one or two of there nails with have a few little air bubbles in them. WHat causes this? THanks:green: