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  1. jellytot1978

    Youngest age

    Thankyou made interesting reading x
  2. jellytot1978

    Youngest age

    :confused: hi to all the nail geeks just wondered what is the youngest age you would put nail enhancements on? Is this just your own personal preference or does your insurance say you cannot put them on anyone under 16? Thanks peeps xx
  3. jellytot1978

    Client said enhancements hurt ??

    Thanks for everyone's help, the client text me at teatime yesterday to say the pain had gone and all was ok. I do find it hard to get the mix ration correct when using the clear glitter as it seems thicker if u know what I mean, the enhancements we not too thick as I checked the second time...
  4. jellytot1978

    Client said enhancements hurt ??

    Yes it does help, thank you and i did think something simular but din not want to say in case i sounded like a nut, thanks.
  5. jellytot1978

    Client said enhancements hurt ??

    Hi, did a client yesterday a full set of enhancements, white tips with CND clear glitter powder over the top,then about 6 hours later client text me and said they were hurting and are they suppossed to, as no other client has ever said this before im really at a loss, i went to see her today as...
  6. jellytot1978

    Which insurance?

    I'm with ABT and for full therapist cover so nails and beauty it's £65 for the year, that Inc £2 million public liability, had no probes and been with them 3years, hope you get sorted soon xx
  7. jellytot1978

    Work wanted for nail tech/level 2 therapist

    Im a nail tech/level 2 beauty therapist and currently at college on a monday doing Level 3 Beauty therapy, im hoping to find part-time employment in a salon in yorkshire, i have a car so could travel. Please contact with any details.
  8. jellytot1978

    Urgent Advice Please-Nail Techs %

    Hi, I used to work in a hair salon and provide all my own products and the owner used to take 45%, which i thought was a little steep :confused:
  9. jellytot1978

    Converting to CND

    I am booked on a CND course on 27th sep in Leeds, im so excited. Im currently using OPI Absolute but cannot get on with it anymore. I have heard for years that CND is a superior product but stuck it out with OPI. Cannot wait to get stuck in xx
  10. jellytot1978

    Public liability insurance

    Hi my insurance is with ABT, i did it over the phone and as soon as i made payment i was covered, i had to send in certificates then asap. Associated Beauty Therapists there is the site see what you think, you may be able to do it online im not sure, if not give them a call hth xx
  11. jellytot1978

    OPI liquid buff?

    i use it and i like it, it has a high shine like a gel topcoat, but i have found recently that gel is turning yellow. The brush will get hard if you use it and the acrylic has not fully set or gel not fully cured, so far on this bottle it has not happened to me yet. I recommend it x
  12. jellytot1978

    % or set wage which is best?

    hi geeks just wanting some advice, would you say its better to be self employed and pay a set weekly rent or a % of my takings, i can see the benefits to both i think just wondered what you think?? thanks geeks
  13. jellytot1978

    Hi yes thats me in yellow pages, i tried to do it with gemma lambert in goldthorpe but have been...

    Hi yes thats me in yellow pages, i tried to do it with gemma lambert in goldthorpe but have been turned down for funding because i am currently getting income support due a family break up, only temp i hope, but gov wont fund someone on benefits. Was only doing it to get assesed for NVQ as i...
  14. jellytot1978

    Nails are too short any help???????

    There is a tutorial about building a nail without tips or forms, its very good but i have not tried to do it yet. xx
  15. jellytot1978

    OPI Structure White Tips

    Think you can only get OPI products such as tips from Lena White, and i think you have to have done a conversion with them to be able to order as well hth
  16. jellytot1978

    The over 30 crowd!!!

    yes me too, and i remember saying the exact same thing about when i had kids.
  17. jellytot1978

    Does anyone have this problem with their uv lamp?

    Yes same here, i kept wrapping it around the lamp too and if its a thin wire it will just snap inside!
  18. jellytot1978

    Odourless - OPI Clarite users question please

    Hi we trained with it in college and because its a slow setting acrylic its perfect for training it gives you time to get your smiles right etc. It is odourless and i thought it was good to work with infact i was going to do the conversion course but developed an allergy to it which some geeks...
  19. jellytot1978

    stiletto shape

    thankyou very much x
  20. jellytot1978

    stiletto shape

    Hi geeks just wondered if there are any tutorials on how to do a good stiletto nail, in particular how to get the shape right? I have had a look but could not find anything or does anyone have any tips or advise? thanks