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  1. Lil Linz

    Primer Freezing????

    I had a client at the salon first thing yesterday morning for a full set, prepped her nails as usual, applied Ez bond, then went to applythe primer and it was frozen in the bottle. I ended up using HD on all my clients yesterday instead of Q momomer. As the day progressed and the salon got...
  2. Lil Linz

    Short curly lashes - can they be straightened out?

    One of the clients at the salon today asked for some advice regarding her very short curled eyelashes. One of the hairdressers had mentioned to her that I do eyelash extensions, and she wondered if these would be an option. When I looked at her lashes, they literally curled back to her...
  3. Lil Linz

    Notts geeks - has anyone heard of this local bylaw?

    Has anyone heard of a local bylaw (only in Notts) which states that anyone doing any massage below the neck and above the ankle, must register with the council and pay an extra charge (about £80-130) to prove they are professionals, and not an ahem 'massage parlour'? I was doing a file &...
  4. Lil Linz

    Competition questions...

    Sorry, this may be a long one. I've finally decided to go for it, and enter a comp (or 2) at pb in oct. I've downloaded rules from the website for the photographic comp, and part of it says to research past entrants nails to see what type of things have been done before so you're not repeating...
  5. Lil Linz

    Any wax geeks who are guild insured in north notts or south yorks area?

    I'm in need of a little help! I did a waxing course in June and have been given case studies to do before I can do my final assessment and recieve my certificate. Until I qualify, I won't be covered on my insurance, unless I have a guild insured person present while i'm carring out the waxing...
  6. Lil Linz

    What chair do you have for your clients?

    I am really struggling with what chair to get for my client. I'm looking for something that will match the deco of the salon (brown & cream) and so far most of the chair's that i've seen are black computer table chairs but i'm not sure how they would look in the salon. I would prefer something...
  7. Lil Linz

    How do i go about changing my business name?

    When i set up my business, I really didnt know what to call myself, and just decided on 'hair makeup & nails by linzi' because it was the first thing that came into my head, and it basically summed up what I did. Well, the thing is, now I do much more than just hair,makeup & nails (tanning...
  8. Lil Linz

    In need of a geek to wax (or anyone who will volunteer)

    Firstly, appologies if this is in the wrong place, just not sure where else to put it. Booked my waxing course for 26th June, but I am in desparate need of a model to take (all my friends are working). It is at Pinks Academy (Derby), and I need a model from 11.15 until about 5pm. Ideally you'd...
  9. Lil Linz

    In need of a nail tech in scotland

    Is there a scottish geek out there based in Lossiemouth or Elgin areas? It's for a client of mine visiting there & she's moving up to that area later this year or sometime next year.
  10. Lil Linz

    Has any one successfully connected a TomTom One to their pc?

    Mine is gonna get thrown through the window soon :cry: I've had it over a year and thought i'd best get an updated map for it, as at the moment it gets lost around the A1 whenever i go north of doncaster. Can someone give me a step by step of what i should be doing? This is what i'm doing...
  11. Lil Linz

    Trying to set up a wireless router!

    Right, well after about 3years of me nagging him, my dad has finally bought a wireless router so we will both be able to use our laptops to connect to the internet (currently, its only mine that will connect). But he's leaving it to me to set up as i know slightly more about computers, but not...
  12. Lil Linz

    Phone Art

    Whilst searching youtube for nail art inspiration, i came across this: YouTube - nailart 3D I've decided i want to go into phone art now, they are amazing!
  13. Lil Linz

    Makeup Consultation pricing

    I'm currently changing my price lists ready for april (everyone else gets a pay rise, why shouldnt i? :)) but i'm not sure what to charge for wedding makeup consultation (including hair pin-up trial). I usually charge £40 for about 2hrs but i was thinking about introducing an hourly rate as...
  14. Lil Linz

    Aero Promotion - Pamper day

    Has anyone else recieved an email from beauty guild offering free advertising in exchange for giving away 3x 20-30 min introductory treatments? (for anyone who hasnt, its an email on behalf of aero, asking for salons to donate 3 mini treatments as part of a promotion where gift certificates...
  15. Lil Linz

    Waxing a diabetic - do you?

    right, first off, im not a beauty therapist, but my grandma asked me about this so i thought id ask the experts :lol: My grandma is diabetic and has tablets which control it. She used to have her chin waxed regulary at a home salon until earlier this year when the therapist closed her...
  16. Lil Linz

    Signature has disappeared!

    My sig has completely disappeared! I edited it a few weeks ago to put a link to my website in it, (which i now cant remember how i did it) and ive just noticed today that my sig is no longer at the end of my posts :cry: Any body got any ideas whats happened? And now cos ive gotta re-do it, how...
  17. Lil Linz

    what type of acrylic is tip&dip?

    Im just putting together some advertising and more pages on my website where i want to let customers know the difference betweeen l+p, gel and silk/fibreglass nails and that they are all part of the acrylic family.Well I also do backscratchers extreme glaze, who what type of extension does this...
  18. Lil Linz

    what beauty shows are coming up?

    Ok, not sure what forum this should be in so ive put it here. I no theres gmex this weekend but i cant make it 2 that cos of unforseen circumstances. what other shows are coming up? im assuming it will be next year now, not expecting there to be owt more this year! xx
  19. Lil Linz


    hi, i did a conversion course for backscratchers extreme a few months ago, but i want to know am i able to buy there fibreglass products or do i have to do a conversion course first? I have got my nvq level 3 in nails services which included all 3 systems, and im currently using the edge silk...
  20. Lil Linz

    'barclays' email

    Has anyone else recieved an email from saying they need to update their account info by clicking a link in the email? then a second email a few days later from saying they have been hacked into and if you entered your account info...