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    I already do spray tanning and have had alot of my customers asking whether I do the minx nails. I have not trained to do nails and would not expect to decide to do acrylics and just get a bit of training and go out and do them, but the minx application looks quite easy in comparison to...
  2. sam28

    Where do you get images from for flyers / website pictures?

    My other half has a sign and design company and we always use istock if there's nothing on the software we have. btw if you are looking for leaflets/flyers, we are doing 10K for £150, A5 full colour, single or double sided, PM me if you are interested x
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    btw, it probably the actual website that copyrighted xx
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    If either are limited companies then yes you will have to change. If not, no.:hug:
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    New business!!

    I have a good friend who opened a hairdressers and put staff in to run it, they stole from him left, right and centre. I have also opened a beauty salon last June and just closed it due to the current climate. I'm not trying to be the grim reaper, just get all your figures etc together and...
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    Spray tan patchy around the wrist area

    I'm tantrick trained and always pull away to the side towards the back of the wrist, maybe its the products I dont know. Did she have dry skin around that area ??
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    areas vary, get a few price lists from your local salons and go somewhere in between, you dont want to be too cheap or too expensive. Too cheap always signifies that its a cheap service. Good luck x
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    Spray tanning course

    I went for Tantrick (sorry can I say the name ?!), loubylou was a really good trainer, the product is good, you can get your equipment etc from them and the customer service is second to none. I did try contacting other companies but they were let down on their customer service and thats...
  9. sam28

    Spray tanning

    I actually dont agree with that, I have had alot of people coming to me after having st tropez and fake bake because they dont like it. You're probably just a good spray tan technician. I think its a bit quiet at the mo, it will pick up when the short skirts come out xx
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    Shop sign help

    My other half has a sign company, it depends how much you are wanting to spend. Alot of the beauty salons tend to have stand off lettering, (usually silver on black !), one that we did recently was dark green on cream and it had a stand off flower design, it was one of our best, really pretty...
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    Flyer design

    Hi, my other half is doing 10,000 A5 flyers for £130, artwork is extra £28, if you are interested PM me
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    I hardly ever use EOS, always use AG though x
  13. sam28

    Pop Up Spray Tanning Tent

    I am wanting a pop up tent, anyone have any ideas where to get a secondhand or cheap one ??
  14. sam28

    Dermalogica training - help!

    mmm, I was wondering that myself. I know there has been a thread on here before where someone gets their products from a place in Jersey, which is slightly cheaper than the RRP but not wholesale price.
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    Is anyone else not busy?

    I'm quiet at the mo, school holidays though, always the same. It will pick up afterwards, as its coming upto Christmas. Think October is known as a bit of a quiet time for some so dont worry xxx
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    Dermalogica training - help!

    Have got to say, this one has had me baffled for ages. I understand the join Dermalogica and I think we were quoted 4K to start up. Who has 4K upon start up to throw at products these days ?? (If you have you're lucky). What I cant understand is, there are tonnes of salons around my area...
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    Chocolate Fountain

    Does anyone use a chocolate fountain, starting to use one at our princess parties, whats the best chocolate to put in it ?? I've heard you cant just use any old chocolate
  18. sam28

    Min Order Fake Bake!!

    Yes, he's right. I had that when I first looked into using Fake Bake, the order form and start up costs, since then I've gone with Tantrick and I have alot of customers making sure it isnt fake bake. I agree with the others, if you end up not using fake bake and use a less marketed product...
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    Waxing 8 Year Old

    I havent seen them, but I get the impression she's got a real problem with them, its not just for vanity, or if it is there's no way I'd put an 8 year old through the pain of a wax just for vanity
  20. sam28

    Waxing 8 Year Old

    Yes I think you're all right, was what I was thinking really, like Weezie says, once I've seen her I will probably understand. Was thinking I will do the middle first just incase she finds it too painful, rather than doing one underneath and her saying enoughs enough. THanks for the advice...