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    Nailympics 2010

    Hi Everybody, iIs there something also in may 2010 in London (similar to nailympic) or I am wrong? I know that the REAL Nailympic is in September but I can swear that I see something about may??? Thanks, P.
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    + + + 1st World Cup Nailpro 2009 + + +

    Hi Ladys, I still dont belive .. Iam a first World Champion Nailpro 2009!!!! 1st World Cup Championship Nailpro 2009 Munich Master Class - "Festival of Culture" Everything ON the Nails was made on the Place (3 Hours).Die 2 Knights,King and 2 Horses was of course Homework .Everything Handmade...
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    BRIDGE a crazy SHAPE!

    Hallo, I have something for Stylists,they like an experiments. Name: BRIDGE:)
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    + + + EDGE - crazy style for nails + + +

    Edge alias parker alias scream :)
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    + + + PIPE + + +luxus style for nails

    I want to introduce a Pipe- nail. I think this is one from exclusiv and elegant nail forms (with Almond). It also very comfortable towear. Even like a long Version. Absolutely nail-architecture-wonder and a nice exercise for every Technican.
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    Natural French Step-by-step NBE with Soft White GEL

    Hallo, For Amanda - Yes , nailbed-extensions is also with UV-Gel possible. Hier with Soft White from Nail Selection. /sorry- its my husbands hand :lol::lol::lol::Grope: Quickly and easy 1.Natural nail prepare 2.Soft White Gel on the Form 3.Camouflage Building Gel /without 3 Zone...
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    Step-by-Step Black & Glamour for Angel Fingers

    Especially for You ;)