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  1. stoney

    Can 3PG files be converted??

    I want to email a relative a video I took of the kids on my blackberry, but it keeps coming up as delivery failure notification and says unidentified file at her end?? The files are saved as .3GP, can i convert them on my pc before I email them, and how???? and help would be great, its...
  2. stoney

    Colour Effects Speak!

    I am selling this to my clients bigtime and they are almost as excited as me!...but i want to make sure I'm selling it properly...are we: polishing our nails with colour or painting our nails with colour I know we are changing from polish to colour...just want to make sure i'm using the...
  3. stoney

    Is it aceptable to ask a Beauty Therapist not to do any nail treatments?

    I am considering renting a room in my new salon to a self employed Beauty Therapist under the following conditions: £125 per week...she can work as many hours as she likes except a Sunday and Monday when the salon is closed. This will include all bills, a newly decorated and fully equipped...
  4. stoney

    The Moon Manicure

    Can someone from CND tell me how you would do this please. Nail lacquer for the perfect fall manicure on Fab article, Roxanne rocks!:lol:
  5. stoney

    Downloading music from the web

    I want to download some music onto my blackberry to take it to the gym. Don't have a clue where to start! What sites do people use, and any tips would be good:eek:
  6. stoney

    Security Token Missing?

    I am trying to upload a new album of photographs, but it keeps telling me that it can't upload due to a security token missing. Can anyone tell me what that means?
  7. stoney

    ARBONNE- Feedback please

    Has anyone any experience of this skincare product? A friend of mine has just become a consultant and we are considering taking this range into the salon. The products look fab and the business structure looks good.....would be nice to have some feedback from other users. Cheers
  8. stoney

    Nail Technician required North East Scotland

    Modern and stylish Nail Boutique in Montrose requires a Full Time Nail Technician due to rapidly increasing client base. Full Service CND technician preferred but would be willing to train/convert suitable candidate with basic nail service skills. Must be well presented, have good customer...
  9. stoney

    Hippo Birdie Klassy Karen

    Hippo Birdie to Ewe Hippo Birdie to Ewe Hippo Birdie dearest Karen :hug: Hippo Birdie to Ewe ......and many moooorrrrreee!!!!!!!!
  10. stoney

    Minxer required near Covent Garden, London

    A client's daughter has just had her toe nails minxed and fell in love! lol She is only visiting though and lives near Covent Garden in London, so has asked me to try and locate a fellow minxer for her go to. So if you around that area, can you please let me know! Cheers:hug:
  11. stoney

    Minxer required near Covent Garden, London

  12. stoney

    Nail Tech Maternity Leave - How do you cover?

    My nail technician is going on Maternity leave end September and I can't decide what to do for the best. Just wanted to hear some ideas/experiences from you guys please?? We are getting very busy so do I .. take someone on part-time now and train them up and have 3 technicians when Kim...
  13. stoney

    Putting a vechile through your business?

    We are about to get a new car and several people have suggested to me that I lease one through my business. I would use it everyday to travel to work etc and use it for picking up stock, and for regularly attending courses. I also thought if I had a company vechile, I could employ someone to...
  14. stoney

    Windows Vista printing problem

    I have just spent 2 days doing my June Newsletter, and when I go to print, my printer is only recognising page 1, of my 2 page document? I have been on to Lexmark and they said its a commen problem with windows vista and to disable user account settings, which i have done but no joy! Anyone...
  15. stoney

    Urgent plea! Top Tech Newcomer comp

    If anyone has registered for Top Tech Newcomer at the Scottish Beauty Show Nail Comp this Sunday and cannot enter could they please let me know! I left it too late to register and all places are taken:cry::cry::cry: Thanks in anticipation xxx
  16. stoney

    Last minute tips for all us competing at Scottish Beauty??

    Hey all your seasoned competitiors, fancy sharing any last minute tips, that you may have picked up this year, with all us newbie competitiors? There is quite a few of us Scottish geeks entering this year, who have never competed before, and we're all getting a tad nervous:eek: So any...
  17. stoney

    To know or not to know?

    A personal situation got me thinking... If there is a chance that someone close to you COULD be ill, but its not definate...would you tell the rest of your family before you knew for definate? Is it best to know or not??
  18. stoney

    Nail Tech req for client in Padgate, Warrington

    Anyone live or work there, and know of a good nail technician??
  19. stoney

    Sparitual Distributors?

    Are there any other distributors apart from NSI in the UK?
  20. stoney

    Something different...educating the client.

    I'm re-lauching my salon in May, now that I have trained with CND. I was thinking about my re-launch the other day, as I plan to stick to the original date, (even though my extention is gonna take 6 months to go through planning) and decided on 'An evening with Polished Nail Boutique'!:) I'm...