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  1. blondie80

    Most Used Shellac Colours

    Hi Everyone Im new to Shellac and im getting a good selection of colours but wanted to know what are your most used/asked for colours? I want to order another 5 this weekend but not sure what to get :) Thanks in advance. Also what are additives im reading about to change colours - the...
  2. blondie80

    Nail Biter Nails - Very Very Nervous

    Omg - Im so nervous, I have a lady coming to me tomorrow night who wants a set of Acrylic Nails. White sculpted tips for a xmas party on saturday night, the problem is I saw her nails today and I was so shocked, there was literally a few millimetres on each finger. They are chewed as short as...
  3. blondie80

    NSI Glaze and Glo

    Hi I have recently bought this and used it and its fab, I love it but I just wanted to know how you can remove it? Ive done a set of acrylic overlays on my mum and painted her nails and used the glaze n glo but she wants to change the colour in the next few days and wasnt sure how you...
  4. blondie80

    Reverse Method

    Hi Can anyone tell me where is the best place to find a video or tutorial on the reverse method? Thanks in advance
  5. blondie80

    How to Apply Diamonds on a black polish ???

    Hi All I have a lady coming to me tomorrow who wants acrylic nails but would like them painted black, with some diamonds on them. Can anyone advise me the best way to get the diamonds to stay on as generally I find the diamonds come off fairly quickly? Im going to do a set of Acrylic, then...
  6. blondie80

    Glitter Acrylic Help ??

    Morning everyone I have bought lots of glitter and would like to know the best way to mix with acrylic so it is ready to do tips? Should I have just bought them already done and if so who does the best glitter acrylic? If not could anyone tell me what is the best way to do this as I dont...
  7. blondie80

    CND Conversion with Kate

    Well I have been on my CND Acrylic Conversion course with Kate in cheltenham and I wanted to let everyone know how fab it was. I have learnt so much doing the course and corrected the way I apply the acrylic. Also that Kate is fantastic, very lovely,friendly and really really put me at ease...
  8. blondie80

    Acrygel Problems !!!

    Morning Ladies I am really struggling with Acrygel at the moment and Im just not sure where I am going wrong. Ive done 3 Ladies in the last wk and so far 2 ladies have said that the nails just peeled off??? All 3 of the Ladies wanted white tips, and then clear acrygel over the tops. So...
  9. blondie80

    CND Nail Soak Off ??

    Hi I just wanted to know if anyone uses the CND Nail Soak Off Machine thing (sorry really cant think of the right words to call it - ha ha ) I had a leaflet through for it with my catalogue on the wkend and thought it looks really good and it also said it cuts some of the time taken to soak...
  10. blondie80

    L&P Conversion booked at last :)

    Hiya I just wanted to let you all know that I have finally booked on the L&P conversion next month in Cheltenham, Im so excited but very nervous about it. Everyone on here is so helpful I just love being a part of this site, its like one big family. So thanks everyone !!!!
  11. blondie80

    CND Must haves for starting up ??

    Right then, Im am finally able to order with s2 now for my products and I want to know what I really really should get first?? I do L&P so I would like to know your opinions on the best files to get, oils, everything really that I would need to do a set of L&P on someone minus the powders as...
  12. blondie80

    What size brush do you use for L&P ??

    Im really struggling to find a brush that I am really happy with, I have various brushes now for L&P in sizes 4,6,8,10,12 & 14 and I just can figure out which is best for me. Im finding that the smaller ones dont get a big enough ball and I find myself struggling and the bigger brush I have to...
  13. blondie80

    Nail Tech Insurance

    Hi Everyone I am trying to sort out Nail Tech Insurance but not sure who to get insurance with. Ive looked at city & guilds and also abt insurance, but would like to know who everyone goes with. Any replies would be great x x x
  14. blondie80

    Nail Tech Name ?????

    Morning All, Im needing some help trying to find a name to put on my business cards? Ive been thinking about it for weeks now and just cant think of one. I want something catchy, but I just cant seem to find something, so far thought of Diva Nails but its seems like one that so many others...
  15. blondie80

    Nail Tech Name ?????

  16. blondie80

    Minx Lifting Prob??

    Afternoon Everyone I have started to practice Minx and I am loving it, Have done my own toes and fingers and people are always commenting but I have noticed that after just 1 days I am having lifting on my finger nails?? just around the free edge slightly? Why would this be. My toes on the...
  17. blondie80

    Minx - Fingers & Toes

    Hiya I have received my Minx kit today but this may be a silly question but how do you know which ones are for fingers and which are for toes?? They look the same to me??
  18. blondie80

    Acrygel with Michelle Porter

    Hi I just wanted your opinions on Acrygel, I booked to do a conversion course with her in 2 wks and just wanted to know what people think of the course and products. Do you think Acrygel is better than doing Acrylics??
  19. blondie80

    Lena White - Acrylic Conversion Course !!

    Hi Has anyone done the Lena White training, they use the absolute products/OPI Range? I am interested to find out what people think of the course and products. Thankyou
  20. blondie80

    Where can I buy PopIts, not CND trained ?

    Hi everyone, I have read a bit about the Poppits and would like to know where to buy the forms to do it?? I am doing a conversion course with CND in September but would like to buy them before i do the course, where is the best to buy??