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  1. blondie80

    Most Used Shellac Colours

    Hi Everyone Im new to Shellac and im getting a good selection of colours but wanted to know what are your most used/asked for colours? I want to order another 5 this weekend but not sure what to get :) Thanks in advance. Also what are additives im reading about to change colours - the...
  2. blondie80

    learn at home nail courses

    Hi I have done acrylic tip and overlay and maintanance and then the nail art course and I have the gel course to do with Essential nails and then I went onto do CND conversion courses with it. This is the best way to do it if you cant get out to do a course or college. Good luck
  3. blondie80

    Nail Biter Nails - Very Very Nervous

    Thanks for your replies, I will keep them short and I just hope they go ok, if i can combat this then I will be very pleased. Good Luck Ruth as well x
  4. blondie80

    Nail Biter Nails - Very Very Nervous

    Omg - Im so nervous, I have a lady coming to me tomorrow night who wants a set of Acrylic Nails. White sculpted tips for a xmas party on saturday night, the problem is I saw her nails today and I was so shocked, there was literally a few millimetres on each finger. They are chewed as short as...
  5. blondie80

    NSI Glaze and Glo

    Hi Yes you have to cure it, I did think you would prob have to buff/file it off but wanted to check that there wasnt a proper way to remove it. Thanks
  6. blondie80

    NSI Glaze and Glo

    Hi I have recently bought this and used it and its fab, I love it but I just wanted to know how you can remove it? Ive done a set of acrylic overlays on my mum and painted her nails and used the glaze n glo but she wants to change the colour in the next few days and wasnt sure how you...
  7. blondie80

    Reverse Method

    Hi Can anyone tell me where is the best place to find a video or tutorial on the reverse method? Thanks in advance
  8. blondie80

    How to Apply Diamonds on a black polish ???

    Thanks for the help everyone, I will do what it suggested and lets hope they turn out ok, the clients is after something simple on her black polish x
  9. blondie80

    How to Apply Diamonds on a black polish ???

    Hi All I have a lady coming to me tomorrow who wants acrylic nails but would like them painted black, with some diamonds on them. Can anyone advise me the best way to get the diamonds to stay on as generally I find the diamonds come off fairly quickly? Im going to do a set of Acrylic, then...
  10. blondie80

    Hi It was lovely to meet you at the Bella Beauty Relaunch, hope all is well with you, take...

    Hi It was lovely to meet you at the Bella Beauty Relaunch, hope all is well with you, take care, Jo x
  11. blondie80

    Brand new here - Conversion Course ??

    Hi You can do a conversion with the Essential Nails certificate if thats what you wanted to do, but there are other companies to do coversions with, its all down to who you would like to train with? Good Luck in whatever you choose x
  12. blondie80

    Thankyou, getting a bit fed up with it now - lol

    Thankyou, getting a bit fed up with it now - lol
  13. blondie80

    Essential nails course!

    This arguement seems to be on going and I think it should really be ended now as to many people are getting upset by the comments made :lol:. I did train with EN but I have to say that I didnt feel confident at all in doing nails and needed help with the little things that I was doing wrong...
  14. blondie80

    Glitter Acrylic Help ??

    Thanks for you help girls, I will have a look at the NSI ones but I will try and mix my own as well, I will be mixing with CND powders so i will try 3 parts powder and 1 part glitter. Which colour powder would you use? Thanks
  15. blondie80

    Glitter Acrylic Help ??

    Morning everyone I have bought lots of glitter and would like to know the best way to mix with acrylic so it is ready to do tips? Should I have just bought them already done and if so who does the best glitter acrylic? If not could anyone tell me what is the best way to do this as I dont...
  16. blondie80

    Minx Training

    I have to say that I didnt have the training, I watched the training clip onlline and went from there, I got the maxi kit and did my own, and then started on the family. I must say the fingers are trickier but the toes were fine. Some people may need a bit of help but you could pick it up on...
  17. blondie80

    CND Conversion with Kate

    Well I have been on my CND Acrylic Conversion course with Kate in cheltenham and I wanted to let everyone know how fab it was. I have learnt so much doing the course and corrected the way I apply the acrylic. Also that Kate is fantastic, very lovely,friendly and really really put me at ease...
  18. blondie80

    Acrygel Problems !!!

    Hi Ellie Ok I will try this next time instead of spraying direct onto nail, and no I dont use a cuticle cream i push back and trim ?? Thanks for your help Jo
  19. blondie80

    Acrygel Problems !!!

    Hi I sprayed it on and then used a wipe to scrub it off??
  20. blondie80

    Acrygel Problems !!!

    Hi Dot Yes I forgot to put in the list of what I did that I did use primer, I used the primer pen that I got from Michelle Porter and i did this before I applied to acrygel, I did put it on and leave it a few minutes to dry as well. So confused, its really knocked my confidence now as you know.