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  1. Betsy

    OMG tanning

    Good Morning, We do have a barrier cream for use with the tanning solution. The website is currently being updated so we do apologise the cream is not on the website at the moment. If you call us, we can process an order for you. Kind regards, Betsy
  2. Betsy

    Beauty | Sheep Placenta Used To Make Latest Facial Fad

    Nope! Il let someone else try the skin care line first! you cant pull the wool over my eyes! :D x
  3. Betsy

    Beauty | Sheep Placenta Used To Make Latest Facial Fad

    I can imagine! I just couldn't resist! :) Don't think ill be having this treatment- il stick to my beauty sheep! xx
  4. Betsy

    Beauty | Sheep Placenta Used To Make Latest Facial Fad

    This.. is BAAARRRMMY! X
  5. Betsy

    Fresh mist tanning machine help please

    Hi, Iv never used this particular tanning machine, but i have used a machine which seems to have a similar gun to the one you have. I found that turning nut on the trigger as far out as possible so the trigger only pulls back a tiny bit, should leave you with minimal over spray and a...
  6. Betsy

    Spray tan machine letting out tan ts20

    Hi there, I had this problem with my machine. The trick is to use the machine further away from the area you are spraying. The hose on the machine is long so it will stretch to the area where you are spraying. If you tan too close the tan goes through the machine and seems to come out of...
  7. Betsy

    New to spray tanning

    Hi Kirsty, Its exciting starting out in your new venture and money can be tight! everyone has their own prefence to tanning solution. I doubt there will ever be a unanimous decion as to which is the besttanning solution on the market. All you can do is sample different ones and find out which...
  8. Betsy

    Spray tanning in Wiltshire?

    Hi There! OMG Tanning Solutions have a trainer in Wiltshire! Contact : TLC Trowbrdige Emma Edwards 01225 767650 If you need anything, you can always send me a message! Betsy
  9. Betsy

    OMG Tanning Solutions

    Everybody has their own favorite/preferred tanning solution, therefore it is impossible to say which tanning solution is ‘the best on the market’. It is also a matter of opinion as to whether you like the OMG Solutions or not. OMG is an olive based solution which gives natural a colour. As with...
  10. Betsy

    Correct sequence for spray tanning

    hi! Theres no right or wrong way of doing it really. I am trained in a few brands of tanning solution and each way i got trained was different! I think you use less solution and get a nice finish doing it the way most people on here do. I start at the back doing the back, back of arms and...
  11. Betsy

    OMG spray tan solution

    Good Luck :D Xx
  12. Betsy

    OMG spray tan solution

    Hi there! The 9% is the lightest of the solutions. The 12% is medium and 16% is the dark. It is weird how you have go a darkest result with a 9% :confused: have you got a picture you could send me to see the results that you got? I am assuming that you have sprayed the 3 solutions ? Betsy
  13. Betsy

    Omg 9% & 12%

    Its quite unusual to hear you are having problems with the 12%.. :/ i use the 12% quite alot and it is one of the most popular sellers with Tanning technicians. Most people that do have problems with the tan come to me for advise and help. Normally its sorted out there and then over the...
  14. Betsy

    Kate Middleton named Beauty Icon 2011

    I thinnk Kate is beautiful but pippa i dont understand the hype about :/ angelina i dnt understand either.. i think its funny how people have different opinions :lol: .
  15. Betsy

    Spray tan course and lash extensions

    Hi there, You can train with OMG Tanning in Bolton, Greater Manchester. Its £59.95 + vat for the course or £269.95 + vat for a full tanning kit and free training. Take alook at the website : hope this helps, Betsy x
  16. Betsy

    OMG -spray tanners help!!

    Ha! Thanks Emma! I am the OMG Queen! :lol: xx
  17. Betsy

    OMG -spray tanners help!!

    Iv posted this picture before.. this is the 20% in the OMG Solution. I have a medium skin tone and tan well in the sun. This is one coat of the Solution.
  18. Betsy

    OMG -spray tanners help!!

    By over doing i meaning i mean putting someone in a 16%-20% when they have a pale skin tone or applying to much solution to the skin. For some reason people feel the need to apply 3coats of tan. ( im not saying this stands for everyone, but its the feedback iv had recently) I have recieved...
  19. Betsy

    OMG -spray tanners help!!

    You Dont have to worrie about using the 12%, it will be perfect for skin tone as you already have a light tan and if you tan well in the sun. Theres nothing orange about the OMG Tan. Unless you over do it! Theres lots of posts about OMG Tan and people compliment it on how natural it is. With...
  20. Betsy

    Eyelash treatments course

    Hi there! There is a Eye treatments course in Bolton, Greater Manchester. It covers eye brow shape, eyelash and brow tint and individual eyelashes. Its a £168 for the one day course. take alook at the website ...