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  1. Minipig007

    NVQ level 2 beauty therapy case studies

    Hi, my original reply was in 2007. I'm afraid I no longer have my case studies. Thanks.
  2. Minipig007

    Salon not using full systems

    Yours isn't the only salon doing this. I just posted in the consumer forum (as although i've maintained my CPD i no longer actively work in the industry) and i've been to two salons now, neither of which dehydrated or cleansed my nails before application but buffed the nail instead with a 180...
  3. Minipig007

    Shellac application concern

    Hi All, I used to be a therapist but haven't done so for a couple of years so count myself as a consumer nowadays. I've recently found the world of Shellac and, as a lover of CND products, I was really glad to find something that didn't harm the natural nail. I've still got my CND website...
  4. Minipig007

    Help... Infrared Sauna Therapy - now back very red

    Hi Guys, I wonder if anyone can help. I've just had my first session in an Infrared Sauna at a local salon, and i've just got home and seen that me back looks red and burnt.... but as far as i was aware i didn't think I could get burnt... the salon is closed now, and i'm a little concerned (...
  5. Minipig007

    Premium Renewal by accident...

    Hi Valencia, Thanks for your reply, but I have tried the paypal resolution centre which states: We help you when it comes to one of the following problems with a purchase: Your item has not been posted by the seller. The item is significantly not as described. Someone gained unauthorised...
  6. Minipig007

    Premium Renewal by accident...

    Hi mods, I would be grateful if anyone can assist. I received the email that confirmed that my subscription was about to expire, and I checked my paid subs page in here and couldn't see that it was set to automatically renew but today i have received an email from paypal that confirms a years...
  7. Minipig007

    Strip wax franchise

    I used to use Lycon, and then after my training with Kim switched to Perron Rigot. I wasn't impressed with the service I got from Strip Distribution. My products all turned up taped together with brown tape, which left a residue on all the bottles that i can't get off, so the bottles look...
  8. Minipig007

    Psss! Happy Birthday Kimmi!

    Happy birthday kim!!!!! Hope you're having a fabulous day!!
  9. Minipig007

    Beauty room to rent? Help, please

    Hi Hayley, Have you looked in the local newspaper? I know I've seen a few rooms for rent in our local Gazette so I didn't know if you had tried that at all?
  10. Minipig007

    Sore after a wax - Help!

    Marion, Oh my goodness you poor thing. :hug: Well first of all get yourself back to the people who did the waxing as it sounds as if they need to learn a few things... weeping wounds is not good at all, and any soreness (and i stress ANY) should die down after a few hours..... As it's...
  11. Minipig007

    Getting Worried - No-one to Guinea Pig

    I am quite surprised at this thread has have replied to your PM's on two separate occasions Hayley confirming that I can be a guinea pig for you. Unfortunately, it is too late for the bio sculptures as I am now doing a massage course and therefore cannot have any nail enhancements, but I will be...
  12. Minipig007

    How many people have a day job?

    I work in London during the day full time, and i have a spare bedroom set up as a beauty room where i do treatments in the evenings and weekends. Works well as I don't have to worry about going anywhere and can get a cup of tea or some dinner inbetween clients!
  13. Minipig007

    Swimming = ingrown hairs?? waxing help!

    This is fabulous! thanks everyone for your replies! Kim: she says that she doesn't as have asked her on a few occasions but as with any client, you never really know for sure. As for the feedback from Gill and Lori - this really is fab. I will suggest possible use of a barrier cream to her and...
  14. Minipig007

    Swimming = ingrown hairs?? waxing help!

    hi all, yep, she leaves it at least 24 hours after waxing, and has been having her biking line waxed with me for last 3 years and has learnt not to shave. The ingrowns are on her mons, so could be irritated by clothes and undewear. Have previously given her an ingrown terminator moisturiser...
  15. Minipig007

    Swimming = ingrown hairs?? waxing help!

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice. One of my regulars for bikini waxing started swimming about six months ago and immediately there was about 60% increase in the number of ingrown hairs that she got. She stopped swimming, and the ingrowns went back down to minimal levels (she's prone to...
  16. Minipig007

    Tax question!

    You'll get your letter next year as you didn't start your self employment until this tax year, and the ads at the moment are relating to next tax year. You should get your letter and tax form anytime from about july to september 2009. HTH's
  17. Minipig007

    Fake Bake Geeks

    How very unusual. I haven't heard of this happening before. The spa I worked for used Fake Bake and a few of the therapists used Fake Bake Dark and it was absolutely fine. Could it just have been a problem with that batch? Have you spoken with the distributors? I wouldn't shy away from Fake...
  18. Minipig007

    Waxing with the Wax Queen

    As with everyone else, I would highly recommend Kim's training, but I would also recommend getting a professional waxing qualification and a little experience behind you first before delving into the world of intimate waxing. xx
  19. Minipig007

    Plea to borrow a spare wax heater!

    Have pm'd you both! you're both stars - ta very muchly!!
  20. Minipig007

    Plea to borrow a spare wax heater!

    Hi guys and gals, Well, both my Babyliss dual wax heaters have to go back to be fixed as the thermostats are a tad broken, and the lovely people there have told me that it will be at least 21 days to get them back - which is leaving me in a smidge of a predicament to heat wax!! Does anyone...