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    Starting up, mobile advice please

    Hello everyone, I haven't posted here in a long time as I closed my beauty business in 2014 to move to London! Three years on and I miss the beauty world, I miss my passion and I miss the flexibility and rewards from being self employed. I am planning on dropping my current job to 3/4 days per...
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    Extremely hard skin

    Hi guys, I have a client that has very hard skin on the pads of her feet and heels. Pumice, rasps, dremmel, scrubs and callous remover doesn't help, and her hard skin just stays the same. I'm not trained with a pedi knife and I realise this is a chiropodist job to use a knife . I'm just...
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    Waxing nightmare

    Hi geeks, I have been a therapist for six years and I am trained in intimate waxing with ABC. I work as a therapist in a local salon and today was just awful. I had a lady in for a brazillian wax, I use strip wax to do a basic bikini line wax, then hot wax as I move further in. My client...
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    A little bit stressed

    Hi geeks, not been on here in a long time! I used to be self employed but recently ceased business and got a job within a salon as BT. I just feel more stressed and awkward now than when I was the boss! And that was partly why I ceased business, to ease the stress. I am sole BT at the salon...
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    Not making a living

    Hi Geeks, haven't posted on here in months but I really need some advice. I have been self employed for five years as a beauty therapist and nail technician. I moved into a new upstairs salon 12 months ago and the months of April to August were brilliant this year. However September hit and...
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    Spots/lumps on bikini area

    Hi geeks I am qualified in waxing but don't do my own bikini waxing as I don't get the best finish due to not being able to see/stretch etc so I go to another salon to have it done. I have been to two different therapists who both use sensitive warm wax. I have everything removed except for...
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    The heat & spots

    Hi, I have combi skin with an oily chin and nose and dry cheeks and forehead. Since all of this glorious weather I have a section of spots and pimples on the left side of my chin and left jaw line. I'm not one for breakouts and very rarely get them. I've never experienced this before so just...
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    Totally unacceptable

    Hi geeks, I had a client call last night for a mani/pedi today at 9.45am, i had just had a cancellation so could fit her in then. She was a new client so I told her where the salon is, parking, payment, requirements etc. I set up for her, 9.43am I get a call. "hi, its xxxxxx." (me)...
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    Burnt brows?

    Hi geeks, i waxed a regular clients brows on Friday with warm sensitive wax. (pot and spatula) I received a message today to say her brows are still quite red and her skin is cracked! I replied with many apologies and advised aloe vera gel with a promise of a free wax for her next appt. I...
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    Confidence crisis!

    Hi geeks recently I've been having a confidence crisis in my work. I've been working in the industry for six years and have been self employed for four of those years with a solid client base and many returning customers. Even so, I still get a confidence crisis. I panic all night after...
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    Make Up Artist course?

    Hi geeks, I am a beauty therapist trained in make up and I feel I am pretty good with basic and slightly advanced make up but I would love to do a make up artistry course. Any suggestions for a good course in the North East of England preferably? Thanks x
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    Gel Extensions

    Hi geeks, I've been a nail tech for four years and love L&P, however even with my training I haven't ever got into gel. I do gel extensions on my mam and she loves hers, tends to last her around four weeks with no problems (even though I do ask her to come in for infills.) However some...
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    Divaderme Lash Extensions

    Has anyone tried this product, if so what do you think? Divaderme • Products Is it as good as it says? There is a deal for it on Wowcher at the moment for £14.99. Maybe that says it all? Xx
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    Any ideas on these nails?

    I LOVE these nails. I'm imagining they are painted nude, then blue with glitter and rhinestones added. But how are the two colours blended so well? Any ideas? Thanks :) xx
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    Hi geeks, Today I did bridal make up and make up for thr bridesmaid. And the bride cried! At first I was worried as I thought she hated it but she said that she felt pretty for the first time in years. (she was 8 months pregnant and only 20 years old) Although this made me feel great, I...
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    Clients & funny turns

    As the title says :) Have you ever had a client have a funny turn with you? If so, what happened? When I first set up, i was mobile and was just starting a ladys pedi, clipping toe nails and she passed out! I ran upstairs to get her husband who ran down in his underwear whilst i phoned 999...
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    What do you stock?

    Just wondering how many solutions of tan solution you stock? At the moment I stock Coco Bay in Regular & Dark which are my most popular solutions by far. The regular is equivalent to an 8-10% and the dark is probably about a 12-14%. However, this wasn't enough for some clients so I now...
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    A bit depressed!

    Apologies in advance for the moan geeks! It all started out last week when i did a set of gel ext on a client. I have been a nail tech for four years, with a good returning client base. She was very happy, i was happy in my work. The following day I get a complaint that they just, "don't look...
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    Lady with Shellac trouble

    Hi geeks, All of my clients get 2/3 weeks with their shellac and are fine with it. I had a new lady last Friday for shellac, no meds, no overly sweaty hands, no chronic illness. She called me today to say that two or three nails have chipped. I have made her an appointment to have them...
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    Working on your day off

    Hi geeks, just a quick question. I am self employed and rent a room in a salon. I have Sunday & Monday off work every week, that is my weekend and I feel I need that time to do housework, social things etc. However, I seem to get a barrage of phone calls every Monday asking for an...