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  1. Tricky

    All alone on the world wide web Join me

    The second love of my life other than nails SHOES
  2. Tricky

    Stumbled across this MY SPACE PLEASE LOOK

    Hi i stumbled across this my space site and noticed some pictures of my colleagues work and not sure who's site it is or if permission has been given. i hope it has but a little concerned. - SIMPLY NAILS - 23 - Female - Croydon, UK -
  3. Tricky

    Professional beauty mag wanted

    If any one has this months professional beauty mag and has read it all I would really love a copy as i havnt seen it yet. Please pm me if you could send me one Thanks geeks hugs vicky xx
  4. Tricky

    pictures of winning gel nails gmex 2007

    Pictures of my winning gel t&o nails at gmex this year. Vicky
  5. Tricky

    Non Brussel geek needed

    Ok its started again i need someone to run a little challenge ladybgemini and i are having again sorry emmseybabes you have had your turn. We have challenged each other to make a 3d sprout in gel or acrylic no other meduim to be used no acrilic paint or polish. This needs to be completed by...
  6. Tricky

    Doctor WHO

    Ok so doctor blooming who has been doing my head in for weeks, there is one thing i found the other night that if i had never have been searching i wouldn't have found and i must say really enjoyed The good thing to come out of my doctor who expierance YouTube - Orbital @ Glastonbury 2004...
  7. Tricky

    Vent it

    So we cant get creative product easly right now don't really know where we stand, to top it all off professional beauty sep is now canceled. i have spent a lot of time money and brain power on these comps and now its canceled. :irked: vent it
  8. Tricky

    The big chill

    Anyone going to the big chill this weekend, I havn't been to a festival this year so well looking forward to it, got camper van tickets as well so going to be well comfy :)
  9. Tricky

    Extra large tips?

    Hello I am looking to buy some extra large tips for clients with larger nail plates than average could anyone point me in the right direction Thanks vicky xx
  10. Tricky

    Trickys tips help

    Hi i am finding my tips are flairing out at the free edge slightly, i am wanting to bring them in but i am finding i am knocking out the under arch by doing so. Do any of you nail geeks have any tips in helping me with this problem thanks xxxx
  11. Tricky

    acra c forms first attempt

    acra c forms first attempt This is my first attempt with the forms i won the other day from ebay, i am over the moon with them and another few more attemps and i will be bordering on being very very happy with my work oh and no soft cheese sandwich thanks gigi:) i used brisa warm pink...
  12. Tricky

    Not the best advert

    :eek: We had a t-shirt swap last weekend not the best advert for my nail services:lol:
  13. Tricky

    WANTED A Hair and nail geek

    To Organise a hair and nail photo comp I work in a small hair salon and the junior there would like to enter a hair comp which gave me the idea of a hair and nail photo comp. JD and I have a few ideas but as we are so busy right now we cannot organise it ourselfs. If there is a hair geek...
  14. Tricky

    Thanks nailzoo & lellipop

  15. Tricky

    Thanks nailzoo & lellipop

    I recived my first prize today from the easter nail comp the trained brush and case . A big thanks to nailzoo and lillipop for organising and judging. Here is a few pictures This is my first attempt at acrylic on a human hand the last one was on a trainer. The smile line is rubbish but i...
  16. Tricky

    herts geek meet pictures

    We went out sat night Gemma Ms evil and myself lol here are the pictures
  17. Tricky

    Special Toes

    Been having lot of fun today crafting and cooking sunday dinner, not really much else to do whilst it's pouring with rain outside except take a few picks of toes. Jack wanted to play too bless him. :)
  18. Tricky

    Winner of the pot of glitter

    The time it took me to do a full set of glitter boats was 3 hours 38 minutes and 58 seconds The geek who guessed nearest the time was Bubbabinks with a guess of 3 hours 37 minutes and 18 seconds :hug: a pot of glitter on the way to you :hug:
  19. Tricky

    introduce a friend special promotion

  20. Tricky

    introduce a friend special promotion

    has anyone done this before? How did you go about it as i am thinking of mailshots to my exsisting clients did you find much response from it ?