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  1. Tonimaxwill

    Eyelash extensions not staying on but only on one client!

    I have been doing Eyelash extensions for a couple of years now but recently I have one client who has express lashes done every two weeks of there abouts. However recently there have been a couple of occasions when the have needed to be redone after a week yet others where she has gone 3 weeks...
  2. Tonimaxwill

    Layering Shellac to get a soft grey

    what colours would i use to get a soft (light) grey with shellac? thanks annie
  3. Tonimaxwill

    Scrubfresh evaporating ??

    Hi not sure if i'm doing doing something wrong but I keep finding when I go use my scrubfresh the level is a lot lower than when I last used it. I'm mobile therefore the bottle lid is always replaced as soon as I have used it. I'm just wondering if this is normal or if i'm doing something...
  4. Tonimaxwill

    How long should it take to remove lashes?

    I have been doing semi permanent lashes for over a year now and infills are no problem, however I trained a couple of months ago in the 2 week lashes and find when I go to remove them its taking ages up to an hour. This is what I do; tape lashes down put remover on 2 micro sticks and wipe it...
  5. Tonimaxwill

    Honest opinions please

    Hi, I trained in 2009 to be a beauty therapist and also trained with Calgel and several other beauty treatments. I only ever do about 1 set of nail extensions every month or two, as I offer a lot of other treatments. I take about 2 hours to do them, Im never happy with them, though have had no...
  6. Tonimaxwill

    No Hands Massage

    Im thinking of adding this to my treatments as I love doing massage and wondered if anybody had trained in it and what you think of it. Thanks Annie
  7. Tonimaxwill

    Eyelash Extensions / Express Lashes

    Hi I have trained in Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions and am interested in offering express lashes. I have watched a demo and it looks pretty simple, however do I need to do seperate training for my insurance. I don't want to waste money going over the same info I did for semi perm eyelash...
  8. Tonimaxwill

    Stomach Wax

    Hi I have a friend who would like the hair on her stomach removed, she has considered having it removed permanently but is not in a position to do this at the moment. Anyway my question is should she just leave it as to me its quite fair and light (though thicker than elsewhere) or is ok to...
  9. Tonimaxwill

    Patchy tan

    If a customer comes back to you with a patchy tan can you lightly spray them again to even it out or will this make it worse? Annie
  10. Tonimaxwill

    Spray tanning help

    Hi, I spray tanned 3 clients last night, 2 are saying they are patchy, I did check them over at the time and the guide colour was all over, so don't understand how it can be patchy and the other one is green, not the guide colour their skin, this has happened to her before but she was told by...
  11. Tonimaxwill

    Eyelash Extensions and swimming

    Hi I had a client ask about eyelash extensions, her daughter had some put in before going on holiday and came back with none and said it was the being in the pool that removed them! Don't know what kind she had in but I didn't think that swimming would have done this, but want to double check...
  12. Tonimaxwill

    Do you charge a fee if the client has a reaction to the product?

    Hi I went to a clients house last night to do eyelash extensions, when she booked in, I offered to do a patch test but she said no she would be fine. I got one lash on her and she said her eye was itchy and stinging, and she pointed to exactly where the eyelash was, I cheched her skin around...
  13. Tonimaxwill

    How do I reduce acne scarring

    Hi I have an Asian client who is getting married in September, she has some acne scarring on her checks. I am mobile and have just recently started using Eve Taylor products. Are there any products I can use to lessen the scarring or is this something that needs to be done in a salon? Any...
  14. Tonimaxwill

    Wearing glasses with eyelash extensions

    Hi, bit of a silly question but if your client normally wears glasses and wants semi permanent eyelash extensions is there a certain length that you would recommend that wont hit the glasses. Annie
  15. Tonimaxwill

    Expiry Date on Gift Vouchers

    Hi, I have been asked to donate a gift voucher to a school fund, which I am more than happy to do, what I don't know is would you put an expiry date on a gift voucher? And if yes how long would you give for them to use.