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  1. jellytot1978

    Youngest age

    :confused: hi to all the nail geeks just wondered what is the youngest age you would put nail enhancements on? Is this just your own personal preference or does your insurance say you cannot put them on anyone under 16? Thanks peeps xx
  2. jellytot1978

    Client said enhancements hurt ??

    Hi, did a client yesterday a full set of enhancements, white tips with CND clear glitter powder over the top,then about 6 hours later client text me and said they were hurting and are they suppossed to, as no other client has ever said this before im really at a loss, i went to see her today as...
  3. jellytot1978

    Work wanted for nail tech/level 2 therapist

    Im a nail tech/level 2 beauty therapist and currently at college on a monday doing Level 3 Beauty therapy, im hoping to find part-time employment in a salon in yorkshire, i have a car so could travel. Please contact with any details.
  4. jellytot1978

    % or set wage which is best?

    hi geeks just wanting some advice, would you say its better to be self employed and pay a set weekly rent or a % of my takings, i can see the benefits to both i think just wondered what you think?? thanks geeks
  5. jellytot1978

    stiletto shape

    Hi geeks just wondered if there are any tutorials on how to do a good stiletto nail, in particular how to get the shape right? I have had a look but could not find anything or does anyone have any tips or advise? thanks
  6. jellytot1978

    question about uv topcoat?

    hi geeks just a quick question about using uv topcoat, if it touches the skin and/or cuticle would this cause the nail to lift? Thanks for any replies x
  7. jellytot1978

    VTCT waxing course

    Hi geeks, just wondered if anyone knew of any waxing and eye treatment courses in yorkshire/south yorkshire?? Im hopefully looking to do for example a VTCT, the kind that are a few weeks long and don't just cram it all in to one day. Thanks for any help, advise of suggestions! xxxxx
  8. jellytot1978

    looking for space to rent or a pt job

    hey geeks, im looking for a space to rent or a pt job in a salon, i can do manicure, pedicure, l&p and gel and nail art, been mobile since april and im wanting more of a stable job. Any advice, offers, suggestions etc pm me please.
  9. jellytot1978

    My reaction to monomer

    i know another thread about allergies/reactions but i just wanted to show you a pic (if i can get one on that is) of the reaction i get when i have done a set of acrylic nails. This is the second time my hands have looked like this and this still happened when i wore gloves through the whole...
  10. jellytot1978

    Shocked and disgusted

    hi, im so shocked and horrified, im a mobile nail tech and i have been advertising in my local paper for the past few months! Since i started i have had the odd few text messages giving me there msn contacts etc and asking me to get in touch, i have ignored all these and usually don't get a...
  11. jellytot1978

    pt nail tech job required

    hi geeks, im looking for a part time job as a nail technician in barnsley and close surrounding area, i have experience in acrylic and gel, manicure, pedicure, nail art, evenings and weekends no prob. Please contact me on 07746839061 or pm me any details thanks
  12. jellytot1978

    Another allergy question, sorry!

    I know recently this topic is popping up everyday, but i have one more question, if you are allergic to one brand of monomer does that mean your allergic to them all? thanks geeks i know this topic has been done to death now!:):)
  13. jellytot1978

    best treatments to add

    hi there geeks, just wanting a bit of advice. Im a qualified nail tech and have been doing this mobile for a few months, work is picking up all the time and its going great, but a few client's have asked if i do any beauty treatments, and to be honest the only thing that has ever interested me...
  14. jellytot1978

    Help with fill lines.

    Hi geeks i just wanted some advice about infils, i find that when i have done some after filling and buffing you can see a line where i have filled off the old acrylic. It doesn't happen on them all i just wondered if i am not filling the old acrylic smooth enough! thanks geeks any advice...
  15. jellytot1978

    can you develop an allergy?

    hi geeks, i know this question has been asked before as i have been checking out some previous threads, but i just wanted some fresh opinions. I qualified in april, and only done a few sets, on friends and on myself and had no prvious problems whatsoever. Yesterday i had my first paying client...
  16. jellytot1978


    just wondered if anyone could recommend a good insurance company for nail insurance, been checking on internet but can not make up my mind. thanks
  17. jellytot1978

    job interview

    hi there, i passed my VTCT end of march/begining of april. Since then i have only done 3 sets. I decided that i would rather work in a salon for now. Im not a total newbie but i have had a 5 year gap, i used to be self employed before. I have an interview in the morning for Nails Inc. Problem...
  18. jellytot1978

    help with abcesses - mine

    Hi and thanks for reading my post. Just wanting to know about abcesses. I get them in my groin and under my breasts. The ones in my groin are really painful and the one i have now is about 4cm long and an inch wide. At the moment its just a solid lump but you can feel all the pus under the...
  19. jellytot1978

    Work experience needed in barnsley

    Hi everyone, first of all thanks for taking the time to read my post. I am looking for some salon work experience, part time would be ideal, i have just completed VTCT in nail technology, i have completed man/ped assesments, and i have now done l&p assesments, i am just waiting for my...
  20. jellytot1978

    help with getting started!!!!

    Hi geeks, this is probably going to sound a bit dumb but i have just recently passed my Vtct in nail technology, (mani, pedi and l&p), im just stuck now about what to do? Don't really think for the moment that a job in a salon is an option, not having any experiance and only being qualified in...