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  1. steve@nouvatan

    Question about men!

    I have never had an issue with getting into my 1000 wash grey Y fronts and having a spray tan. (i wouldnt want to ruin my primark best undies) :biggrin: I have been involved in this beautiful industry a long time now. and fads come and go but the Spray tanning/false tans ect is the fastest...
  2. steve@nouvatan

    Maximist 5008 re-launched

    The 5008 the best tanning machine ever made, and best seller, Is back :biggrin::biggrin: the makers earlex have agreed to remake it. the ts50 that replaced the 5008, was a good machine but was slightly over complicated and the front ring being overtightened caused a few problems. the TS50 is...
  3. steve@nouvatan

    New spray tan machine review GLAM

    I have been trailing the New GLAM spray tanning machine, and have sent it out to some of our busiest spray tanners to test. The verdict from all was that its a real contender against the TS50 it has 3 speed settings and a heat function for drying. The needle and spray heads are made from...
  4. steve@nouvatan

    TS 50 helia gun trouble shooting and couch roll test video

    we have had a few of our customers having issues with the ts50 guns due to overtightening the air cap retaining ring after cleaning so i have uploaded this video to youtube and thought i could share it so everyone who has issues with this gun can see how simple a fix it is :D. Helia spray tan...
  5. steve@nouvatan

    Extraction Units Review

    Extractors are not always a necessity when spray tanning, when your spray gun is set correctly, (your gun should be a hands length from your client) and if you are doing only one or 2 tans at a venue. then over spray is minimal and any overspray will be caught in the pop up cubicle. in these...
  6. steve@nouvatan

    How many tans have you done in one day?

    Last night was the thursday before the busiest party weekend of the year. one of the mobile girls we know did 13 tans last night at 9 different locations !! Another girl who is salon based did over 30 tans yesterday !! what about you ?
  7. steve@nouvatan

    Breast Cancer awareness month

    this is a cause very close to my heart, not because i like boobies:o, but because this disease has devastated my family, Breast cancer can affect younger people as well. the girl who started this charity was only 23 when she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, please please watch this video link...
  8. steve@nouvatan

    Keep calm and carry on spray tanning

    the recent Reporting in the british press about concerns over the inhilation of spray tan solution possibly causing cancer is totally un founded and has no proven scientific basis. the report simply quotes that DHA in a spray format has not been tested for inhillation purposes and "MAY" have...
  9. steve@nouvatan

    Death Row dinner!

    Just for fun if you were on death row what would your last meal be Mine would be chicken tikka Balti with spinnich ,pilau rice, and a Keema Naan bread, with a cold pint of carling. and hot apple pie and cornish ice cream for afters.
  10. steve@nouvatan

    TS20 useful info

    A number of you have noticed a shadow on the floor after using the TS20. this is caused by the air and spraytan solution overspray being sucked into the machine via the air intake. and as the casing is not completely air tight around the power flex entry a small amount of tan is deposited on the...
  11. steve@nouvatan

    Peeing in the pool

    I went swimming this morning before work, and thought it would be ok to have a cheeky pee in the deep end. The life guard spotted me, and blew his whistle that loud, i jumped out of my skin and nearly fell in !!
  12. steve@nouvatan

    UK Beauty tomorrow, May 13th

    I have just got back from setting up the stand at UK Beauty. and i must say i was so impressed with how big it is this year. ITS HUGE !! the security told me they are expecting 8000 Visitors per hour. anyone going tomorrow I suggest you get there early and get to the North car parks where there...
  13. steve@nouvatan

    TS 50 gun-useful information

    After trialing this gun myself for a few months before its launch and being very happy with it. we have now added it to our stock lists. however a couple of folk have reported a slight problem that is simply down to over tightening the front retaining ring. and a miss understanding about which...
  14. steve@nouvatan

    Company bank card cloned at Excel

    We have a company card that never leaves Madame Nouvatans purse. its an account we only use it too pay suppliers. Thursday we get a phone call saying there has been some unusual activity on your account, the activity was only a £5 withdrawal but it was picked up as unusual as we never use...
  15. steve@nouvatan

    Maximist and TS20 gun cleaning and set up video

    As we are always answering posts on here from geeks who are having problems with there spray tan equipment and asking for set up advice. i thought i would shoot a little vid on the phone and post it on youtube showing how to clean and rebuild the gun that is used on both these machines. its not...
  16. steve@nouvatan

    New spray tan machine TS50 review

    As i mentioned in a post late last year the makers of the popular 5008/ Maximist machines are discontinuing manufacture. The machine that replaces the current machine is now called the TS50 Helia and i have been testing it out for a few weeks now so thought i would write this review. The base...
  17. steve@nouvatan

    Can someone tell me how I pay my geek fees ?

    my premium geek fees are due for renewal, I had set them up on a card that has now expired. so paypal has refused payment, I can't see how to renew them. I expected there to be a link on the home page for subscriptions. I have done a few searches but still cant find how i pay my fees.
  18. steve@nouvatan

    9/11 where were you ?

    where were you on that day when you heard the news Nobody could ever forget hearing ? I was in kidsgrove staffordshire errecting lamp columns for a sports field.
  19. steve@nouvatan

    R.I.P. Maximist 5008 sad day!

    I recieved an email today informing me that the 5008 is not going to be manufactured as from November, it is being replaced by 2 new machines, the ts20 and the ts50 the ts20 is a 400w machine that looks really good to be honest its a little bigger than the ts10 and has a 0.6 needle like the...
  20. steve@nouvatan

    Black hvlp 5008 s also known as( maximists)

    I dont often post new subjects, but i feel a need to clarify the latest gossip mongers... re the brown (maximist) machine being the new model. and the black ones being Chinese fakes. anyone that has followed my posts from the beginning will recall that when the other companies were all...