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    Microdermabrasion machine

    Hi, I’m wanting to offer microdermabrasion in my room, I have my skin base training but I’m not wanting to pay £48 a month for the machine, can someone recommend a decent microdermabrasion machine that is affordable? Xxx
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    Do I need LVL certificate?

    Hi I am level 3 beauty trained and have my own room, I want to offer lvl lash lifts. I have been told I don’t need to do the course to be insured as long as I’m level 3 trained and can do tinting/lash perming. Does anyone know if this is true? Or do I have to do the course. Sarah
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    Setting up mobile beauty skin products

    Hi I'm setting up a mobile beauty business but don't want to spend too much on skincare products until I have established myself a little more... I was wondering if anyone can suggest a good cheap range just to start with... also do u need to be trained in each individual range of products...