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  1. Danger Mouse

    Lash Extensions Needed In Hertfordshire

    Hi ya I'm looking for someone to do some lash extensions on a client this Thursday after 12pm. She can only make this day/time due to travel commitments. Please pm me if you are available with cost location and brand. Ta Sent from my HTC
  2. Danger Mouse

    Coil Hair Extensions

    Hi Can anyone recommend a company that does coil hair extension training please?
  3. Danger Mouse

    Calling All Hertfordsire Geeks

    Hi As some of you may know I am involved in a multi cultural festival in Welwyn Hatfield as the coordinator of the Health, Fashion & Beauty Marquee. The event is in its 6th year running and attracts over 10,000 people throughout the day. This is a great way for you to publicise your business...
  4. Danger Mouse

    Is it me or....have post dates gone ?

    Are the dates missing off of posts ????, just noticed after posting a reply to someones thread.:)
  5. Danger Mouse


    The time has come for me to find a new car, it will be sad to see my old one go but he's starting to cost a bit too much now. Just wondering if any geeks have a new shape Nissan Micra? and if your mobile technician, is it ok for all your equipment. All comments are greatly appreciated :)
  6. Danger Mouse

    Check out this £10m advert

    By the Guinness World Record people, How clever!! I'd hate to have to clean up the mess though:eek:
  7. Danger Mouse

    Is It Needed ?

    I have no idea about the answer to this but do you need a qualifications to braid hair?? I assume you do, cos in order to gain PLI you would need some form of certificate/training. Reason why I'm asking is, I coordinate a heath and beauty section of a festival and the issue has been risen in...
  8. Danger Mouse

    Whats your signature?

    Not sure if I'm posting in the right section but here goes. I had a client this morning who made a comment about my nails saying " If its not red tips, its full on red, if its not red glitter then its red detail, what is it with you and red?" Which got me thinking, it must be my personal...
  9. Danger Mouse

    Empress Tips

    Hi Has anyone got a link to a site that sells empress tips?
  10. Danger Mouse

    Working in the USA

    Hey I may have the opportunity in the future to also work in the USA (Florida) I was just wondering, anyone can give me some advice and as being a UK tech is there anything different I would have to do in order to make this possible?? Like training etc To UK techs now in the USA How have...
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  12. Danger Mouse

    Manicure & Pedicure Range

  13. Danger Mouse

    Pattern Puncher

  14. Danger Mouse

    Have you tried this?

  15. Danger Mouse

    Geekmolian Gifts

    Hi All Whats the point? I actually thought I was sending someone a gift I'm sure I read on here somewhere that someone got the flowers to their door. I know I'm sometimes dippy, well a lot of the time actually but come on I could have just pm'd them "Here's a bottle of champs" and so...
  16. Danger Mouse

    Have you tried this?

    Hi All Just wondered if anyones Limon Kolonyasi? I was introduced to it by someone she lived in Turkey for 3 years and said they us it to cool down. Its also a repellent I've been pouring the stuff all over then standing in front of a fan and within seconds I cooled down. Its usually used...
  17. Danger Mouse

    Bumpy Faced Geek

    Help! Anyone have any remedies good for rashes??? one side of my lower cheek is covered and I just wanna itch it :sad:
  18. Danger Mouse

    How extreme are you?

    I wanna do something mad, outrageous and dangerous (lol) for my 25th any suggestions? is there any extreme geeks out there? I was thinking car crashing as it dangerous but I don't think that's extreme enough now. I know I'm crazy but hey that's me, I don't like to do the norm and as I don't...
  19. Danger Mouse

    New competition to sink your teeth into wohahaha

    Your Mission Ok here's another competition for you competitive geeks, and this time its nail related so's we don't get a spanking.:Grope: Theme: Horror Movies Request: 3d Nail Art Rules: Its has to be new and your own, make it SCARY! Closing Date: Saturday 1st July at 5pm Winner: Once...
  20. Danger Mouse

    I'm so proud

    Hi All not This is not nail related but my mum just ran Race for Life and she did fantastic, she came in the top 15 and done it in 24mins woo hoo :D She's not a young whipper snapper (48) but she done a lot better than I would have done. Anyone else out there running?