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    Any brow waxing tips?

    Are you using too much pre oil? The face is more oily so don't need to apply much at all x
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    Costings help

    Hi Thank you! I will try this. x
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    Next best trainer from Kim Lawless?

    Hi I've been doing female intimate waxing for 16 years and male intimate waxing for 10 years (trained by Axiom). I've recently trained to become a trainer mainly because every time I send one of my therapist off to train in it I end up retraining them! I charge £250. Theory is online and for...
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    Taking card payments, bank or PayPal?

    I've used paypal for 10 years (online payments through my online booking system) and sandandar for my main bank ac where my card payments go (handepay). Santandar are the best and easies I've used (used 3 different banks) it's free for 12 months I think then £12.50 but I'm going to look into...
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    Costings help

    Hi Thanks for your reply. I did ask Beridon but they said there were too many variables so couldn't help. I think Perron is going to give me one though. x
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    Costings help

    Hi Sorry if this has been mentioned before but I tried searching and couldn't find it. I'm trying to work out all my treatment costs and am really struggling to work out how much my waxing cost price will be. I'm an experienced waxer so I'd say I don't waste much. I'm also going to swap to a...
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    Elleebana lash lift

    Maybe use a smaller rod so the lashes curl round more? If she's only had it done once I would re do it. I've had to ''fix'' over curled lashes before and not waited weeks. When I'm just fixing the curl to loosen it I lower the time. When we used elebana we used to do 8 mins on 1st 2 steps. Just...