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    Elleebana lash lift

    Ah okay I didn't think so much about placement! Thank you for replying x
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    Elleebana lash lift

    Hi, I have recently trained in Elleebana lash lifts and would like some advice on where I am going wrong please as I've found my results a little underwhelming! 1. Depending on the clients natural lashes, what timings do people generally use?? I was told to go to lifting solution at...
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    Curly blow dry help

    Hi everyone, I'm struggling getting the curl on my curly blow dries. When I remove the brushes, the curl drops almost instantly and ends up looking really loose and limp. Can anyone give advice on where I'm going wrong please? Thanks
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    Cleansing lash infills?

    Hi Is it a good idea to cleanse my clients lashes with baby shampoo/water mixture before performing infills on her? Or will this affect the application? Another question I have is when doing an Infill procedure, do I remove the mascara or attempt to work with it? I haven't yet come across a...
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    Achieving full, glam lashes

    Hi, I'm new to eyelashes and have just finished my case studies. A lot of my full sets are looking pretty but quite natural so far, im trying to achieve a more fuller, glamourous look but struggling to do so! I'm using the wonderlash premium mink at the moment, not sure whether it's the...