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  1. pinktnb

    Chemical peel & microdermabrasion training Scotland?

    Hi there, I am interested in adding this to my treatment menu along with microdermabrasion in the future. Can any recommend a brand or training company/person? We have HND level 2 qualifications.
  2. pinktnb

    Massage course for beginners~Scotland

    I'm looking for someone who can train my beautician in massage therapy. It needs to be in Scotland, & she needs to have a recognised qualification on completion. Can any one help? I've seen varying prices for a 2 day course but would just like some advice. Thanks guys xx
  3. pinktnb

    Insurance help?

    What are the benefits of being insured with babtac/ guild etc? I own a salon and have all my insurance through an independant company public liability, contents blah blah. Do these other companies offer full insurance packages? Thanks in advance xx
  4. pinktnb

    IPL Hair removal

    Does any one know of a reputable company that rents the machines and does training? Hope you can help xxx
  5. pinktnb

    Nail Tech Wanted In Cochrane, Calgary, Alberta

    I have a client moving to here in a month or so. Can any one reccomend a tech or are there any techs on here from this place? Thanks guys xxxxx Lucky clients gettin outta here for a few years xx
  6. pinktnb

    Nail Tech Wanted In Cochrane, Calgary, Alberta

  7. pinktnb

    Nail Tech Wanted Virginia Beach, Norfolk.

    I have a client moving to Virginia Beach in a month or so. Can any one reccomend a tech or are there any techs on here from this place? Thanks guys xxxxx
  8. pinktnb

    Nail Tech Wanted Virginia Beach, Norfolk.

  9. pinktnb

    What should I do with the space?

    Ive just sold my tan cab, it wasnt busy at all. It was positioned in the main part of my nail salon and now i have a massive space. I already have a treatment room, which to be honest isnt always busy. Should i set up a pedicure area? We currently dont do many pedicures. Or should i set up...
  10. pinktnb

    What will I do? Build another room or save the money?

    So, Ive finally sold my tan cab. I had all these wonderful plans to make another room with the big gapping space it has left. Now i have the space Im anxious! Do i build a new room? Or do i save the money and make the space a pedicure area? Id really value some advice. What are your best...
  11. pinktnb

    This month's Scratch...

    Pedicure article by Sam Biddle I love the foot baths that are pictured along side this article. Ive been trawling the web and can't find them. ANy body know where to get them??? Thank you in advance xx
  12. pinktnb

    Dermalogica, Decleor or Comfort Zone?

    Hey there, I am still undecided so decided to enlist the help of people in the know. To be honest I dont have a huge call for skin care so i was hoping to develop this, and I find it really difficult to retail. My clients dont seem interested so should i go for a well known brand? I do...
  13. pinktnb

    How do you do MINX

    I've lost my instructions, went to use them on myself this evening and low and behold no instructions. I cant get the demo on the minx site to work. Hope you can help x While you are here, any special tips??? x
  14. pinktnb

    Delux pedicure chair.

    I am interested in having one of these in my salon. The whirl pool foot spa and massaging seat sounds wonderful. Does anyone have one and how do they charge for it? Is plumbing it in problem free? Cheers xx
  15. pinktnb

    Bio Sculpture???

    I am establihed acrylic salon Creative. But recently i have been tempted with Bio Sculpture as an extra service. Has any one else gone down this route and how did you get on. At a time when money is a big issue i am unsure about spending out so much for little return. Hope someone can help...
  16. pinktnb

    Beauty Salon In Glasgow for girls day out???

    I am going to Glasgow with the girlies for my birthday and fancy having a few treatments without it costing the world. Can anyone recommend a salon with a friendly atmosphere that can treat a few girls at the same time? Ta xx
  17. pinktnb

    Extractor Fan???

    What do you guys use? I have seen these desk extractors, are they any good???