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  1. Ruthlm

    Hair pin up/bridal course

    Hey guys, I am not a hair geek, and am asking this on behalf of a friend, am hoping you might be able to help her. She currently offers a few beauty treatments, including make up, mainly bridal, and was looking to do a course involving putting hair up, so she can offer apackage of hair up and...
  2. Ruthlm

    recommendations for lipstick/gloss

    Well its coming into bridal season again, and I am on the hunt for a pale nude- pink lipstick or gloss for the bridal side of things, I would like the lipstick to be reasonably glossy if its a lippy and not a gloss, whats your favorites?? x
  3. Ruthlm

    HY-Wax heater, temperatures?

    I have bought one of the small HY-Wax heaters to get to grips with nonstrip waxing, I use only strip was just now, but want to use hot wax for facial and bikini, I took a trip to sally's to get some hot wax, and bought a small amount of Just Wax discs, so I could use my self as a model, and...
  4. Ruthlm

    Make up for family photo shoot

    I have someone coming in to have her make up done on saturday, she is then going to a studio in our town for a short make up shoot with her husband and daughter, the photo part was a wedding gift. I have done her make up before but I was wondering if there are any do's and dont's that the more...
  5. Ruthlm

    for all MUA, anyone use airbase??

    Thinking of investing, so was wondering if anyone uses or has used this and if so how did/would you rate it?? I thought it would be really good for bridal, including tattoo cover ups for the big day?? :)
  6. Ruthlm

    Hand wax?

    I have a lady that called to enquire about threading, I eplxianed I only remove hair with waxing, and she booked in for a half leg wax, and then asked if I did hand waxing. I have never had anyone ask for this before, I explained to the lady that I had never done it before, but would do it for...
  7. Ruthlm

    Silicone pad for lash extentions...replacement??

    Stupidly I have thorwn mines out, in a rush and with it being clear I must have rolled it up in my couch rool and thrown it away, I have a set of lashes to do tonight and am wondering if there is anything that can be bought to do the same thing??? will be taking ore care with my next one lol...
  8. Ruthlm

    Hot wax course

    Does anybody know of a hot wax course in the fife/edinburgh area? having read through a few threads regarding struggling with bilini waxes, although its good to know its not just me :D, I can see that it may be better to learn hot wax, as opposed to just strip, thanks :lick:
  9. Ruthlm

    Lash pics, after some feedback

    Hey all, I did my lash training on sunday and as advised grabbed a fellow lash learner lol and we did each otheres lashes to keep up practice, so first set down, was after some feedback, the pictures are here..... thanks xx
  10. Ruthlm

    Tips for using cover powders

    was wondering if anyone had any good tips for using the cover powders, I have been using the pink cover powder, I knew you would have to be relly carefull around cuticle area as its not as forgiving as the french say, well I did a set yesterday on a nibbler, and decided to try using the cover to...
  11. Ruthlm

    problems uploading photo's

    Was just wondering if there is maybe a problem just now, can't seem to upload any photo's?? I have uploaded them elsewhere to see if it worked ok and they uploaded fine? is there any reason they couldn't be uploaded, I am not that computer literate, maybe something I am doing wrong?? thanks, ruth
  12. Ruthlm

    First MMA experience??

    I was wondering if this could be a case where products comtaining mma had been used. I had a lady contact me via my website asking of advice on removal od acrylic nails, I advised her to come to myself and never heard anything from her so assumed she had had them taken off elsewhere. I got a...
  13. Ruthlm

    Help my bro in law to win pub shed of year

    :D:D hey everyone, I am after your help, my brother in law has enteres a competition on a shed forum, sad I know but he built it all himself with the help off his daighter jordyn and a few friends on the way, he is really proud of it and it is fantastic!!! to vote ffor his shed please clickety...
  14. Ruthlm

    Client with dry skin/ ingrown hair problem

    I recently started waxing a lady that had had a break from waxing as she explained to me the girl before was leaving lots of hairs behind, she had been shaving for a while. Her first treatment was fab and all the hairs were succsfully removed, she booked an app for 3 weks time, at this...
  15. Ruthlm

    Nail art brush for fine detail/lines

    I was wondering if anyone had recomendation for a brush to use for drawing fine lines. I have a brush set and do have varying striping brushes, but would lke one that can be controled easier when drawing swirls and lines, te ones I have are not too good for that, thanks x :D
  16. Ruthlm

    spray tanning face

    Hey geeks, I am new to spray tanning, am enjoying it and am getting into my own little routine, with the outcomes getting beter with every one, my question is when I was taught to do the face it was in 5 sprays, now I read in a previous quote from one of the spray tan guys that an orange look...
  17. Ruthlm

    spray tan disclaimer/cliernt record

    Hi there, I have made up my own client records and was wondering if I had covered enough info, if you could have a peek at let me know what you think, it would be a great help!! xx ruth oh poo, it wont let me will copy the wording and paste it, you will get the gist that way... Blossom...
  18. Ruthlm

    Eastern facial massage

    Just wondering if anyone offers this as a treatment, I have a course booked in march to learn this, it has also been described as a non surgical facelift, looking forwards to learning it, if it is something you offer, has it been popular?? thanks, ruth x
  19. Ruthlm

    Arm waxing

    Hi ladies, I have qualified in waxing, strip wax doing facial hair, legs, underarms, and bikini, I am going through things just now to sort out my pricing, and when looking at others pricelists, a lot include arm waxing, I was wondering if this was something I could include, having never been...
  20. Ruthlm

    Akzentz Options gel question....

    Hi there, I am new to gel, I trained with alzentz, and am not sculpting with gel but doing NNO at the moment, I only have one client that uses me for gel nno at the moment and I am having problems with them peeeling off and cracking. I have been back to my trainer and am going back on the 31st...