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  1. -sophisticutz-

    Shellac - clearly pink

    Hi all. I have just ordered and received clearly pink, for the first time. Is this just a pink tint? When I opened the bottle to look, it looks just like a top coat with a pink tint. Is this right? I have searched the forum and it seems it is mostly being used for french manicures. Cheers. :)
  2. -sophisticutz-

    Advice on Shellac needed please.

    Hi all. I have only been using Shellac a few weeks and wondered if any more experienced users could answer a couple of questions. I have done a search first but have not found any results, however, I apologise if this is a repeated question. :) When removing the inhibition layer with...
  3. -sophisticutz-

    Rebalance/infill -When to stop filing?

    Hi all. I have ventured over from the hair forum, treat me gently ;) I trained in nails and beauty, many moons ago, but have never worked in that field, just hair. Due to having my own salon, I thought it would be a good idea to retrain in some aspects and to really expand my skills...
  4. -sophisticutz-

    Hairdresser required for Bridlington, East Yorkshire

    An exciting opportunity has arisen in our busy little salon by the sea! We are looking for a stylist to start immediately for our busy summer period. This is a permanent position for the right applicant. We are looking for an NVQ 2 qualified all rounder. We are a busy colour salon, so up to...
  5. -sophisticutz-

    Elumen by Goldwell

    Hi all. Is there any geeks on here that use Goldwell. I have been looking at the Elumen shades. They do some pretty funky colours that are permanent. If you use them, what are the results? Are they consistent and what is the fade like? The pink is gorgeous but almost too good to be true! :)...
  6. -sophisticutz-

    Complementary biscuits

    Hi, I am looking for an online supplier that provides individual pre packed biscuits and was wondering if anybody on here uses such a supplier? Thanks :)
  7. -sophisticutz-

    Training in hair replacement systems

    Hi all, I wonder if someone can help me solve this problem. I would really like to train in the hair replacement system that adds hair for woman that are thinning, have alopecia or conditions like trichotillomania. I have googled and googled and I cannot seem to find anyone who provides...
  8. -sophisticutz-

    Recommendations for poster printing please.

    Hi, I was wondering if any geeks can recommend an online printers for posters. I have looked through various threads and the only printers recommended are for multiple copies. I am looking for a printer that will print single items. I have found a few on google but was wondering if any...
  9. -sophisticutz-

    Good grammar, has it gone?

    I surely can't be the only stickler for this? I received a fantastic book for Christmas called; Eats, shoots and leaves which takes a light-hearted approach to this subject. Now we are in the age of text speak it seems spelling, correct grammar and punctuation is a dying art. It drives me...
  10. -sophisticutz-

    Minx nails advice

    Hi, I was wondering whether anyone could give some advice on pricing. I have just introduced Minx nails into the salon. I am charging £20 for nails and £25 for toenails. I am wondering what other Minx users are charging when applying Minx after enhancement application or a rebalance. Do you...
  11. -sophisticutz-

    Nail technician needed for maternity cover - 1 year min

    Hi, we are looking for a nail tech to join our fantastic salon team. We are situated in sunny Bridlington, in a busy, prime location. We are primarily a hair salon but have a good solid nail client base. We are very friendly and currently are a team of 6. The post is initially for 1 years...
  12. -sophisticutz-

    Swine flu and your business

    Hi Geeks, I was wondering how everyone else is coping in this pandemic, if it has affected them and their business? The worst dread for me has happened and swine flu has hit my salon. Unfortunately, it's me. :irked: I have a small staff of 5, 2 of which are junior stylists, so just...
  13. -sophisticutz-

    All hail the 12 week blowdry!

    Have done my first paying client today and the blowdry is friggin' fantastic! :lol: I am very impressed and it only took 3 hrs. Whoop, whoop!
  14. -sophisticutz-

    Brazilian Blowdry

    Hi guys, it's been a long, long time since I posted here! I wonder if anyone can help with some feedback and/or advice. I am hoping to invest in the famous 'Brazilian blowdry' and I wondered if any geeks have used this keratin based system. I have looked at plenty of products and am making...
  15. -sophisticutz-

    U.V Lamps recommendations?

    Hi , I wonder if any of you can help me with a few recommendations? :) My nail tech wants to start putting a gel top coat over her acrylics and curing under U.V. She is using Creative so can you a) Recommend a good gel to top coat with and b) Give me a clue on what U.V lamps you would...