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    How does Nail Envy work?

    I have the nail envy. I am now working part time at Wendys Fast Food and had to take off my gels. I have very thin natural nails as I was sick for a long time and they never grow long and strong as some. Anyhow. I use it over a base coat and two coats of Nail Envy. I am not allowed color...
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    Does anyone have a salon manager job description?
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    Green Nails

    I had a gal come in with a broken gel nail off and her nail being green very light. I told her I would have her wash her hands as did I then used the Cool Blue and on her one finger (green) I used Scrub Fresh. We will leave it for the night and she made an appointment for a fill tomorrow...
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    Arguing with my fiancee over the penetration of Solar Oil into Shellac

    I am very greatful for the Solar Oil thread. I always learn a ton here every day as new tech. Thank you!:Love: I worked hard in 4 months to gain 20 repeat customers then had the opportunity to work in a salon downtown. I lost 9 due to price increase and some because I was not able to do my...
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    Charging for repairs

    I just moved into a salon about 2 weeks now from a home based business. I have had a huge amount of walkins for broken nails. They all claim they can not get in tosee their nail tech and being that I am trying to build a stong base of customers... is it possible to run a buiness on fixes I...
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    Manicure station

    I want to SHOUT out a HUGE THANK YOU GEEKS!!!!! I began my nail journey in Sept 2012, I have put so much of my sweat into working a good home salon. I managed 20 repeat clients in three - four months. I used a local online page the out of pocket cost was 30.00 a month ... It has...
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    Nails at home

    I am not sure that this is the place for my comment however so many on home salon vs Storefront salon. I have been doing nails as of Sept 2012 I have 20 reg clients. Being at home in a room off my front enterance worked well very clean and comforting welcoming! I was offered a very nice...
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    Renting nail table in a salon

    As most of you may know I began my certification Sept 2012 I have worked long and hard to gain 20 reg clients in this time. In doing so today I was blessed with a telephone call from a local salon who was seeking out a noobie nail tech. Somehow she received my name and number. We talked...
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    Successful Shellac only businesses?

    I live in BC Canada and would jump at this chance if I were on your side of the Country..... Not all noobies think they are all that... some realize that its great to be confident in their work even if it is 2 hours, yet really enjoy a good stong helpful critique so they can become the...
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    Valentine's Day packages

    Mine is not pkg either however...... I am offering this month: ***February Special*** B1G1F French Manicure for you and a friend! $60.00 Value for $30.00 (Complimentary Gift Bag for the first 14 customers to book) Bag: Nail kit from $ store Clear Polish Chocolate...
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    Colour blending, how does it work in practice?

    One gal in my area has just received her Brisa Lite.... she purchased through USA where she used to live . I can not wait for our Cosmoprof to have it in stock as well. Rachael and I will be getting together soon so I can see her new kit! So very excited! Have a great day.....
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    £14.50 food challenge for a month

    I love seeing other places who coupon here is a great link as well Anyhow wont littler the link with coupons just trying to say that there is a way to save for vacations, rent food and such if we are slooth like ha ha Meet Gravesend's 'Ultimate Penny Pincher' (From This Is Local...
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    £14.50 food challenge for a month

    Its bad but u can see like you my home is tiny 700 square feet
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    £14.50 food challenge for a month

    Yes I understand I do not house this either lol some gals I run with do though. My home is old and less than 700 sqare feet of living no basement with a crawl space under it for pipes. A war time house.... not sure if you can see my tiny home ha ha
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    £14.50 food challenge for a month

    i saw this as well Meet Britain's queen of 'extreme couponing' - Telegraph (almost) Extreme couponing UK | Facebook Extreme couponing: It's highly addictive, takes ruthless dedication and clutters your home | Mail Online these may help those who want a new hobby to save where they...
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    Feeling like a big fat...

    Pasta I coupon for it costs me .02 a box add fresh veggies and you have a great meal... I like a frugal life I am a new nail tech who needs to budget and stay healthy now I have a sitting job... thank you for commenting! I see you posting in the...
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    £14.50 food challenge for a month

    For those on a budget its a great way to save...again this is coupons you pay the grocery store with paper... OMG yes paper lol... these pictures too a friend of mine 8 months to stock and saved 50-90% off her bill each time. Ihave myself and husband so no need to stock up like this Nikki has a...
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    £14.50 food challenge for a month

    Do any of you ladies coupon and bargin shop? I have been using coupons since I was 16 when I had my daughter whom now is 25 and her father and I are still together. We use alot of soap in my house. There was a sale for $1.00 each bottle I had a coupon $2.00 saved when you buy 2 so each...
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    Show us your snow pics!

    Snow in Kelowna BC Canada Kelowna Hotels, Wine Tours, Golf, Restaurants - Tourism Kelowna
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    Which are you?

    Thank you... I love the rockabilly pic ( rosie?)