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    Color Touch ashy options

    colour touch 7/89 and 8/81 are nice
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    Fanola supplier

    I purchased it from amazon a litre bottle but it's for my own use It cost just under £20. I would double check its origin if it's for client use
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    Resistant hair not covering

    I would try saturating with your 55/0 and 6% don't cover and leave on for longer making sure you start where it's most resistant
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    Fanola No Orange shampoo?

    I have the no yellow one it's lovely smells a bit like bubblegum
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    Bleach or hi lift tint

    Thanks for your feedback. The current trend of overtoning is making me lean towards bleach on shorter hair but to be honest have never done bleach scalp application on mid length hair and longer (as it terrifies me doing the regrowth)I then tend to hilite over the top area with bleach do root...
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    Bleach or hi lift tint

    what do you guys think is more damaging bleach or hi lift with 12% which can be left on for up to an hour?
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    How to stop the warmth coming through in brown hair

    5/81 and 7/81 illumina is lovely or you could do this colour as a gloss after colouring
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    When are you too old?

    Thanks for your input. I'm 46 and having a bit of an identity crisis I think
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    When are you too old?

    Just interested if anyone thinks there is a point you are too old to be a hairdresser. I know it's all about skill but do younger clients really want an older maybe not as cool and trendy stylist? Really interested in anyone's opinion.
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    Root stretch

    i want it cool / neutral but I want it to stsy as long as poss as i know greys wash out quickly roots are virgin level 8
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    Salon based TV shows?

    Body fixers bit of everything not just hair
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    Root stretch

    Yes roots are level 8 I use wella but not sure how much warmth to put in. Say if I want 8/69 illumina would you put some 7/43 in say 3:1 ? Thanks so much for replying
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    Root stretch

    It's for balayage so I really don't want to pre pig separately. Suggestions gratefully receive .
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    Root stretch

    Hi all I am wanting to achieve a natural looking base 7 on a level 10 hilighted hair. I use Wella and was thinking maybe 7/ and 7/31 illumina or maybe 8/ and 6/37 because there is a little gold to pre pig. Any suggestions please?
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    Hair Extension help!!

    Hi the double hair is basically 2 wefts of hair one above the other. They are a lot nicer to wear because you don't have to have so many bonds. The hair is on a strip that you can pull fine strands of your own hair through then bond it to a piece on the extension. One half of the weft is...
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    Crazy colours please help

    Thanks for the welcome Minky. still trying to find my way around. There seems to be a lot more beauty than hair though or am I looking in the wrong place???
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    Crazy colours please help

    Hi new on here. I was going to say the exact same as Roxi - it's a lovely colour of pink and you can use all the mix tones to create loads of colours, its not always easy finding a volunteer though to have the funky stuff doing. I once used pink mix tone and 10/0 with pastel developer on a...