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  1. vicky2512

    Tips on Nail Biters - any advice on where i went wrong?

    Hi Guys I went to an interview at a salon who were looking for a Nail Technician, i had to do a trade test and they provided the model. The model had quite badly bitten nails and not much of a nail bed aslo the nails were very flat and small. I put on tips and did P&W L&P and they looked...
  2. vicky2512


    HI everyone just wanted to let you know i did my creative conversion yesterday! and OMG!:eek: i cant believe how many holes (and big ones at that!) were in my previous training!. I am sooooo pleased that I followed the advice of you guys on this site and went with Creative! My only...
  3. vicky2512

    Got my First Client from NSS ~ need some help!

    Morning Everyone Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice please - Ive got my first client (outside of friends & family) booked for tonight, I have just spoken to her and she said she is badly in need of infills. She has been going to the local Chinese Nail Bar in town, so obviously...
  4. vicky2512

    Website help???

    Hi everyone, Im hoping someone can give me some advice here, basically i have a Freewebs site, which is ok and doent cost anything to set up, but as far as generating extra revenue and advertising my buisness - its not brilliant, also im not keen on the freewebs prefix as i dont think it looks...
  5. vicky2512

    Salon Promotional & Mechandising Calender

    Hi I have had a few requests for this calender after a post i replied to, i thought it may be beneficial to share with all of you, if any of you would like the word format (if its easier to print please let me know and i will email over) Salon Promotional Activity & Merchandising Calendar...
  6. vicky2512

    Creative Foundation Course - any Advice Please

    Hi Im currently in my 2nd Year of my NVQ Beauty Thearpy Course. Ive Recently done a 4 Day Course in L&P and Gel Nails with Alida (The Edge) and been allowed to submit as an extra unit (BT19). After reading the Threads and the Really good advice on this site i have decided that i want to...
  7. vicky2512

    Recipes for facial Masques

    hi - happy new year to you all, just wondered if anyone could help me or point me in the right direction, im currently in my 2nd year of NVQ 2 Beauty therapy and have recently aquired a whole range of facial equipment, bascially i know i cant practise any treatments until i have completed my...