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    Hairdresser in Palma?

    Hi does anyone know of any good hairdressers on Palma that they can recommend? Thanks x
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    Best way to get orange hair pink?

    Hi my client has currently got a rose gold balayage. She's decided she now fancies the dusky pink tones. The previous colour has faded quite a lot and the colour that's left is like a 9/43 all over (apart from dark root) I'm thinking of darkening the top section down abit going into the light...
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    Rose gold help

    I'm hoping to achieve a dark rose gold on my client. Her hair is already lightened to a 8 base and I'm going to darken the roots for an ombré effect. Do you think that colour touch 8/45 mixed with 7/43 with a dash of /68 would work? Never tried rose gold before and have seen formulas for more...
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    Colour Touch query

    Hi I'm quite new to Wella and I'm loving colour touch but wondered can you add to intensify the tones? Can you use relights for this? I'm assuming the special mix are just for the koleston perfect range? Thanks x
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    Lightening roots

    I've only used high lift tints or bleach when lightening roots on blonde hair. My client is a base 7 and I usually tone with 9/8 + 10/8 koleston after lightening the roots. I'm wondering if using the same colours but with 30 volume on roots will achieve the same result or will it throw up gold...
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    Refresher courses?

    Does anyone know of good refresher courses? Colour, hair ups etc thanks
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    Wella, L'Oreal-which is best?

    Hi I'm starting up my own business and not sure which brand of priducts to go with. In my previous workplace we used L'oreal but I'm unsure which to go with. Or have a mix? Also I've used some Igora colours and they were lovely. Any recommendations appreciated thanks
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    Products for hair ups?

    Hi can anyone recommend their favourite products they use for hair up dos. Thanks