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    It's not that huge a difference! I work in marketing and advertising and I get about the same before tax xx
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    Extensions Hell

    I'm not a professional, but you could start off by trying just some hair conditioner? I know when my friend had extensions if she used conditioner the glue would come out. Might not work entirely, but it won't do anymore damage to your hair! x
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    Hair extensions

    I appear to have two options. I can buy the extensions from a salon near me, they'll colour match and all that but it's more expensive. I can buy them off the internet from a place that has been recommended by a few friends which is cheaper but I wouldn't be able to match the colour properly...
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    Hair extensions

    Hi, I'm looking to buy some new clip in hair extensions and I have no idea where to go as the place I normally get them from has shut down! Last time I paid £60 for a full head. I'm struggling a bit because I'm not sure what colour and whatnot to get off the internet shops!!